Monday, 2020-04-20

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ViGeajalkane: Yes, the rpm file contain dependency information, that's why rpm complains when you install the package. Had you tried to install the package with any tool which knows anything about how to download packages from repositories, the necessary packages would have been installed automatically.04:11
atlochowskiHi I have a problem with navigation on my Jolla 1 and Jolla C. When I'm using GPS trackrer it saves trace with wrong date. Year 2000 instead of 2020. For example today's track is dated <time>2000-09-04T07:05:43.0Z</time>06:33
atlochowskibut when I checked date in terminal it shows [nemo@Sailfish ~]$ date    Mon Apr 20 08:24:24 CEST 2020[nemo@Sailfish ~]$06:34
atlochowskimaybe someone know how to debbug it?06:34
atlochowskiI discovered it 1st of January and then stop using trackers. When Kerry introduced tracker to OSM Scout I started using tracker again and was everything ok but today date is again wrong06:36
atlochowskiit doesn't metter if I use Laufhelden or OSM Scout the date is wrong :(06:41
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