Sunday, 2020-04-26

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attahdoes anyone have any hints on how async bluetooth events travel from BlueZ to ofono?14:22
attahdbus-monitor --system does not show them14:22
monichattah: socket?14:26
attahokay, go on :)14:27
attahor maybe that means i'm barking up the wrong tree14:27
attahi'm looking for the battery events (again), and log says they make it to ofono(d)14:28
monichNewConnection call to the profile brings in a file descriptor14:28
monichthat one you should be able to see in dbus-monitor14:28
monichand then strace is your friend :)14:29
attahfile descriptor inode: 314129 type: socket14:29
* attah scratches beard14:34
attahhmmm 'find' by inum does not give any results... and it is not obvious that strace can just take an inode number14:42
guest314is sailfishos x (the one that can be downloaded) not supported in countries other than EU ?16:46
atlochowskiguest314: it means that you can't buy SailfishOS if you live in other countries than UE. Of course you can buy it using VPN. It's not supported outside UE because of taxes problem.18:19
atlochowskiguest314: But if you want free SailfishOS X version you can download it, install and it will be working.18:20

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