Saturday, 2020-05-09

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bionade24Hello, I how can I do this correctly? I always get component mya not contain other properties than id since the update10:57
malbionade24: maybe you need to first fo import "pages" and then use this: initialPage: Component { loggedIn ? MainPage {} : SetupPage {} } or something like that11:41
malor if that doesn't work then initialPage: loggedIn ? Component { MainPage { } } : Component { SetupPage { } }11:43
mallatter might be more correct maybe11:43
bionade24mal: But this worked before 3.3. And wouldn't this be a lot overhead and it's better to use a loader instead?11:47
malwhy didn't you say that it used to work11:48
bionade24mal: Sorry forgot11:48
malfrom which line does the error come from?11:49
bionade24mal: Line 911:49
bionade24mal: The one where the url of the Component gets specified11:49
bionade24mal: But when I use loader it never loads11:59
malany error?12:01
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bionade24mal: No, I  currently look in other apps how they handled the login procedure12:07
bionade24mal: Because I don't think only making things invisible is a good idea.12:09
bionade24mal: Do you know any App with a login wizard?12:10
malbionade24: so are you saying none of the ways I mentioned worked?12:31
malthat is odd12:31
malare you sure there isn't something else wrong in your app which cause the pages not load?12:31
malare the sources somewhere?12:32
bionade24mal: Yes, the first one you suggested was the one I thought of before someone  else showed me the URL method. But you're right - probably the issue is somewhere else in my crazy startup method I should refactor. Sources but most things aren't pushed bc I wanted to get them working first12:34
bionade24mal: the problematic part included12:35
malbionade24: does that need some changes, it won't even build12:48
malbionade24: complains about missing src/seafile/open-local-helper.h12:48
bionade24mal: As I said, the biggest part isn't pushed, so yes, the version at github won't build12:49
malok, then I can't really help much if I can even make a test build12:50
malunless you send me an rpm12:50
bionade24mal: Yes, I know, sorry about that. I can do that if you want. gdb doesn't work for me in QtCreator, I always get GDB was terminated unexpected Code 12712:52
bionade24mal: then I have to kill manually12:53
bionade24mal: Here are the RPMS
bionade24mal: But it would be nice if you know what I did wrong so that debugging didn't work12:58
malbionade24: I obviously need the dependency rpms also12:59
malseafile for example12:59
maland searpc12:59
maland jansson might be also needed12:59
bionade24Wrong link:
bionade24mal: Seems like when is missing on the host the debugger won't work13:02
bionade24mal: Thx for helping me that much13:02
malwrong arch for your app13:06
malI'm testing on arm device13:06
malbionade24: ^13:18
malor do I have to test on i486 emulator or devcie13:19
bionade24mal: Ok, then the repo links were wrong, too.13:20
malthat is not a problem13:24
malI already have the dependencies for arm but not the main rpm13:24
malI didn't even use the repo url (not sure how to even use those)13:24
bionade24mal: Sorry but then I have to add everything to the arm sdk and I don't think that's worth the effort, I have to solve the issue, so that my own debugger works because that can't be a permanent solution13:26
malI can grab my tablet an try on it then13:28
bionade24mal: Would be utra nice, I now probably have a way to get the old ncurses for the debugger, too13:33
malbionade24: nothing happens if I try to launch the app13:41
malno errors and it's just stuck13:42
bionade24mal: Yeah, I know. Seems like I got these errors only because I used Qmllivebench. If the debugger works I'll start debugging now. Thanks for your help and I'll publish the rest of the source code asap (when it works)13:43
bionade24mal: Thx for taking the time to do this, this is really unusual13:44
bionade24Does anyone know where I can see why the debugger fails?13:55
bionade24mal: 'initialPage: loggedIn ? Qt.resolvedUrl("pages/Page1.qml") : Qt.resolvedUrl("pages/Page2.qml")' worked for me, sadly the error in the crazy signal slot calls remains and it's hard to debug it with command line gdb18:17
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