Tuesday, 2020-06-30

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dcalisteHello chriadam, how are you ? Today, I'm sorry I'll have to go out in 20 minutes.06:49
chriadamhi dcaliste, I'm well thanks.  how are you?  that's ok, let's try to be quick :-)06:50
dcalisteIndeed. I've changed the names last week in the timezone MR.06:50
dcalisteI thank you and blam for the help in the list view issue with the header.06:51
chriadamdiscussed various of your PRs quickly with flypig, pvuorela, and blam, during a meeting yesterday.  Pekka mentioned that as we are nearing branching for 3.4.0 currently, we don't want to merge things to master if we can avoid it, currently, so I think merging the current PRs will be delayed some time due to that.06:51
chriadamI'm glad Bea was able to help for the listview issues!06:52
dcalistepvuorela will judge it, but I think there is no more glitches for these three MRs about timezone handling.06:52
dcalisteThat being said, no problem to postpone after branching.06:52
chriadamI think we might have to, unfortunately.06:52
chriadamregarding the "all day events span two days in device tz" one, Pekka also said that Martin had some question about the way it's displayed06:53
dcalisteNot a big deal. It's fine as long as it will be included at one moment. There are already a good bunch of things merged already in master.06:53
chriadamnot sure what the feedback was precisely, I think Martin wanted to think about it a bit longer.06:53
dcalisteOk, I think pvuorela will transmit the questions later. I'll see.06:54
chriadamyep :-)06:54
dcalisteAs you may have seen, I've added a new MR in calendar, about keeping the reminder value that was set on a non sailfish device.06:54
chriadamoh, I did not see that one, sec06:54
dcalisteThere are some issues that I'm mentioning in the MR comments, like:06:55
dcaliste- isn't it disturbing for users to see a value for an event that is not there for another event ?06:55
dcaliste- sorting properly the foreign value need to use private API of ContextMenu (to insert it in the middle of exixting MenuItems)06:56
chriadammaybe we should provide a "custom" value, which, when selected, allows the user to specify precise fine-grained reminder offset06:56
dcalisteFor the custom value, yes, it's part of some things I'm preparing (to set also exact time some days before), but when looking at these, I notice that we cannot keep existing value when it differs from the current built-in list.06:58
dcalisteSo I decided to separate the work into two : one MR to keep foreign value and one later for the user to be able to choose another value.06:59
dcalisteWith the work you did to make reminders being an int and the JS function to display the duration, it was quite simple, besides the design issues I mentioned before.06:59
chriadamadded a couple of comments to the PR, I guess pvuorela and blam might have some comments, but in general the approach LGTM07:00
dcalisteOk, thanks. I will look at these later today.07:00
chriadamnothing actionable from you07:00
chriadammore just poking Bea07:00
chriadamthank you for doing that!07:01
chriadamregarding the qmf PR: I poked flypig and pvuorela on that one, but no comments from them yet, that I can see07:02
chriadamwas hoping that flypig might be able to take a quick look before I merge07:03
flypigAh, sorry, I didn't get a chance yet.07:03
chriadamno problem, no rush.  probably won't merge until after branching anyway :-)07:03
chriadambut would be good if you could at some stage!  thanks07:03
chriadamaside from that, I had nothing else to discuss.  was there something else from your side, dcaliste?07:03
dcalistechriadam, nothing else, thank you for your help and sorry for the rush today !07:09
chriadamno problem07:09
chriadamthank you07:09
chriadamhave a great week!07:09
dcalisteI have to go also. See you enxt week.07:09
dcalisteThank you.07:09
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