Sunday, 2020-07-05

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AJAX555hello, does anyone happen to be online right now?21:15
malif you have some question just ask21:16
Nico[m]no :D21:16
AJAX555was just wondering, if there is any native app on sailfish that allows me to connect to my icecast servers to listen to my music21:17
malmaybe ? that mentiones icecast streams21:17
AJAX555lets see21:19
AJAX555seems like it wants wlan to be on for it to work, so meh21:22
Nico[m]Well that should be easy enough to change21:23
AJAX555seems like a hassle when you need it in car21:25
Nico[m]No, I mean, that check is probably easy to patch out or ask the author to make it optional21:26
AJAX555well it would allow me to get rid of android apps in the future, but not within 6h lol21:28
AJAX555guess I will check these at a better time21:33
AJAX555thanks for the help though21:33
Nico[m]If you have any issues with the software, it's probably helpful to report them, so that they are fixed the next time you try it ;-)21:34
malquite strange that the app would specifically require wlan21:35
Nico[m]Well, probably the intention was to prevent accidental data usage21:35
Nico[m]At least that is my guess21:36
Nico[m]Seems like those were good intentions, that went wrong :321:36
malalthough it does also make sense because it maybe tries to listen to thing in the wlan local network21:36
AJAX555oh, yeah, sailwave21:37
AJAX555problem solved, life saved21:37
AJAX555I used to use it all the time with my jolla in the past21:38

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