Wednesday, 2020-07-08

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atlochowskikalipus8: you have to downgrade to 908:04
haasnis there a software bug that could cause my headphones to play via the left earpiece only15:53
haasnit sounds dumb but I can hear it clicking a few times on the right ear after plugging it in15:53
haasnalmost like something is restarting and then giving up15:54
zaggynljust tested with ear ins and a youtube stereo test, seems to work for me15:55
haasnit's weird. suddenly started happening out of nowhere15:56
haasnand I can't fiddle with it to get it to work15:57
haasnso I'm not sure it's a loose connector or something15:57
malhave you tried those headphones with some other device?16:01
Robbsterhaasn: almost certainly 'hardware'. - either the earphone jack (as was my case) or the thin wire in the cable.16:27
haasnI guess it's time to buy a new phone anyway19:18
haasnBut I don't want to stop using SailfishOS19:19
haasnwhat's the modern hip new thing? I want something like a librem, fairphone, or whatever19:19
haasny'know, one of the 'cool' phones :^)19:19
haasnanything with a hope of sailfishos support?19:19
haasnor is it pretty much just "sony xperia"19:19
haasnI want the jolla phone but newer :(19:24
haasnI hate new phones, they're so big and bulky and ugly19:24
haasn>non-removable battery19:32
haasnyeah no thanks19:32
haasnthe battery is the first thing I expect to need to replace19:32
haasn damn I want this but it's not out yet19:37
attah_pineI keep hearing talk of some angelfish browser for sfos, but it appears to be completely ungooglable... where does one find more info?19:38
rinigusattah_pine: its . you can install it via flatpak19:45
rinigusattah_pine: see for instructions19:45
attah_pinerinigus: thanks! bookmarked :)19:46
attah_pineHoping for a thread on the new fancy forum...19:46
riniguswe have flatpak thread at tmo already19:48
attah_pinefair enough... but the browser alone more than well deserves a thread of its own (imo)19:51
mpolhaasn: did you try picking out dust from the headphone jacket? It might just be deadsimple20:15
Nico[m]Hm, installing a flatpak reboots my phone, is that to be expected? :D21:50
haasnmpol: Did not change anything. But via further debugging, I managed to confirm something I suspected previously: It's not actually entirely one-sided21:52
haasnI hear sound through the other earpiece, it's just less loud21:52
haasnBasically, the *balance* is off21:52
haasnIt might be a software issue after all21:53
haasnInterestingly I can work around it by using `pactl` to set a different volume for each channel >.<21:56
haasnWell, apart from still being weird. Like, sound on one ear is band-limited or something.21:56
haasnNow I need to use a sine sweep or something to figure out what's going on21:56
haasnalso wow I can hear some insane aliasing when playing a log sweep21:58
haasnBy the gods that resampler must be dreadful21:58
haasnI'm confused, did I change that or was that part of SailfishOS defaults?22:08
haasnIt's weird though because the sink is 48 kHz and so is the file so it shouldn't even be resampling to begin with22:08
haasnThat aliasing must be coming from the built-in DAC itself22:08
haasnThat's so fascinating22:18
haasnIf I play a log sweep it moves from being balanced to the right ear towards being balanced to the left ear22:18
haasnFrom which I conclude that the impedance on the right and left must be different22:18
haasnThat sort of explains why I could sometimes get it to slightly work by putting an extra tunable resistor in-line with signal22:19
haasnI probably managed to accidentally tune them to a point where it made less of a noticeable difference22:19
haasnOkay, found the source. It was hardware, but not what I expected :)22:27
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