Monday, 2020-07-13

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haasnSailfishOS X on an Xperia 10 should have significantly better android app compatibility than SailfiahOS 3 on the gen1 jolla, right?03:06
r0kk3rzit does03:06
haasnThere's an app I want to run that just crashes and I'm confused as to how I can figure out whether it would run on the newer phone, I assume it should be new enough though that it ought to just work?03:06
r0kk3rzjphone still has a 4.4 android runtime, which is kinda ancient03:07
haasnI wish Sailfish X ran on any decent devices :(03:08
r0kk3rzdefine decent03:09
haasna replaceable battery would be nice for starters03:09
r0kk3rzmaybe pinephone will get proper support03:09
haasnI really like the look and featuresets of the FP3 but apparently they're being uncooperative when it comes to releasing whatever firmware is required to run their hardware?03:09
haasna hardware keyboard would also be nice :p03:10
haasnbut I've given up every hope of that03:10
r0kk3rzi would also like a unicorn03:10
haasnI'd also like an OLED display, seems literally every device that these sorts of projects target only use IPS displays for some reason03:10
haasnbut oh well03:10
haasn*sigh* I guess I'll get the Xperia 10 and regret it03:13
r0kk3rzfairphone has been good for aosp builds in the past, maybe theres vendor issues with the fp303:20
r0kk3rzfirmware blobs is always a difficult one with android phones though03:20
haasnwell whatever03:40
haasnI bought an xperia 10 for cheap off ebay03:40
haasnnot the end of the world03:40
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Ingvixrinigus, could you create an issue to anglefish browser to see http(s)://* as a valid url? Currently I need to use the IP addresses of my local devices because the browser doesn't think a simple http://hostname:port is a valid url10:58
IngvixI'd like to avoid registering yet another account I probably won't be using more than this once10:59
rinigusIngvix: sure, will do11:04
rinigusIngvix: adjusted
Ingvixthat's great11:06
rinigusIngvix: if you are good with regex, you could contribute by adjusting
riniguscalled at
rinigusto determine whether it is url or search string11:08
IngvixI think I could doodle around with that so it would accept whatever without dots in case there's either https[s]:// prefix or :<port> suffix and it does not contain spaces11:18
rinigusIngvix: would be great! you would need an account to submit PR though :)11:43
IngvixI may consider it, or I couls just pastebin the changed file and you can do the dirty work of commiting it :)11:44
Ingvixbut don't have time for that right now, so I call you out once I make the changes and if I really don't wanna create the account11:46
rinigusIngvix: would be better if it is with your name on it. so far it has been open for 3 months...11:49
Ingvixmaybe so. We'll see11:51
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