Wednesday, 2020-07-22

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attahpiggz_: I have some Amazfish questions, poke me when you have time (not at all urgent)10:33
piggz_attah: go on10:34
attahAbout caleandar reminders.. it seems to remind on the hour and not on whatever time before i have set, nor have any connection to if it was already dismissed10:35
attahdoes that have a chance of getting fixed, or you can't hook the system like that?10:36
attahI also sometimes have encoding issues with email topics, and sometimes not...10:40
piggz_attah: the reminder should be the event time, is that not the case?10:42
piggz_deleted events should get removed, but there is no link to dismissing the reminder on the phone10:43
attahbut i don't want the event time... i want the event time minus the advance notification period, just like on the phone10:43
piggz_i could maybe add an option for that .... i prefer to see the event time on the watch10:44
piggz_the watch doesnt have options for different event/notificatio times afaik10:44
attahthat's odd... sinde it is super standard to have advance notification10:45
piggz_attah: do you use the watch widget with the events on, super useful10:45
attahhmm, no... didn't know it was a thing10:45
piggz_so, you have the graph in the middle?10:45
attahumm, no? weather is in the middle10:46
piggz_hold finger on watch face to put into edit mode10:46
piggz_press button at bottom10:46
piggz_click on the middle area to toggle widgets10:47
attahah, neat10:47
piggz_only works with the built in watch faces10:47
attahso the watch tracks the event times... makes sense i guess10:48
attahhow do i make it sync?10:50
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piggz_attah: it syncs every 15 mins i think ... you can force a sync from the debug menu10:51
piggz_it sends the next 20 or so events10:51
attahthat did the trick10:52
attahso i guess i go digging for if there really is no advance notification period in the protocol10:52
piggz_but atleast with the widget on, you can see what is coming up10:53
attahyeah, so i get why messing with the start time is a no-go10:54
piggz_for some reason weather is broken atm too10:54
attahhmm, i could surely have mistaken mine for working10:55
attahbtw... is there a way i can have it just display a static image until further notice?10:55
attahlike a qr train ticket...10:55
piggz_not that i know of10:55
attahokay :/10:57
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Simeraxis there a way to disable swiping for moving to the previous page? i have an app on which i want to implement some kind of gesture control but only for this one page. I want the user to be able to swipe on this page without havint to worry about moving to the previous page. I would like to keep the small circle in the edge to move back though16:27
Simerax*circle in the upper left corner16:28
malSimerax: just a question, how will use get out of that page?16:32
Nico[m]Clicking on the page button16:32
Simeraxlike i said i would like to keep the small circle in the upper corner to navigate back16:32
Nico[m]The small circle16:32
Simeraxedge swiping is probably still fine (like opening the settings or app grid) the main concern is moving to the previous page because this is triggered even if you don't swipe from the edge16:34
malsetting that backNavigation to false will probably disable the button also16:34
Simeraxyes it does16:35
Simeraxwell maybe i disable it by setting backNavigation to false and just add my own small button16:35
Simeraxthat trick with backNavigation already helped a lot :P16:37

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