Monday, 2020-07-27

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atlochowskiMister_Magister: if want to change password on forum you should  change password on
atlochowskiMister_Magister: it uses LDAP I think08:35
flypigpiggz, for some reason I can't post to sailfish-porters. Let me just catch up on the conversation you've been having there. One second.08:51
piggzflypig: ok, gr808:52
piggzso, basically, on first boot, during the wizard and after, any qt based network access fails, seems to be with host not found, eg, adding jolla account, using storeman, using webcat, adding nextcloud account08:53
piggzworks ok after reboot08:53
piggzsailfish browser, ping and curl work fine08:54
piggzading the jolla account was error 3 in the logs, which i guess is the same, QNetworkReply::HostNotFoundError08:56
piggzswapping connection to cellular/wifi/offline/online doesnt help, just a reboot08:58
piggzi havnt tried restarting connman yet09:00
flypigOkay, I've caught up with the IRC conversation. I just need to check some other stuff. One second. Sorry I can't post on the correct channel.09:01
flypigWhich device and which SFOS version is this?09:02
piggzflypig: this ismy port to the volla phone, running .... rinigus said it also affected his port09:02
piggzand another porter reported the same09:03
flypigOkay, thanks, just so I'm clear. That's all three on the Volla?09:03
piggzno, 3 different devices09:03
piggzive help off restarting incase i can get anything useful09:03
rinigusflypig: my port is sony tama (xz2 xz2c xz3)09:03
piggzrinigus was the tama port09:03
flypigGot it, thanks!09:04
flypigSorry for the delay. Still here, just reading up on some backbround.09:09
piggzabslutely fine .... rinigus may be happy with rebooting, but i want a buttery smooth first experience :D09:10
riniguspiggz, small correction - if it is in Qt stack, I prefer to spend time on its update and not plastering an old leaky boat qt 5.609:13
piggzrinigus: sure, and i didnt really mean that you dont want a buttery smooth first boot experience ;)09:14
flypigThe problem exists for Webcat too? Would you mind checking to see if it also happens for webcat executed from the command line.09:15
piggzflypig: sure...09:15
piggzflypig: for cmd line it works09:16
flypigOkay, that's interesting.09:16
flypigAlso, are all three devices without encryption?09:16
piggzi would expect so09:16
piggzim certainly not using encryption, not sure any ports are09:18
flypigOkay, this isn't something I know much about, but I'm hoping someone else may be able to. One second.09:25
rinigusflypig: while it is following official port (lvm and such), Tama is not using encryption09:36
riniguspiggz: interesting that it works from cmd line. I guess boosters are messed up then09:37
flypigThanks for checking piggz.09:38
flypigrinigus, I think it's more that the boosters are all using the same qtcore instance.09:38
piggzmake sense, i was wondering how that was possible, but booster would do it09:39
flypigBased on what you've described (noencryption+firstboot+qnetwork+booster) I think it would be really good if you could have a talk to some sailors about this, but it may take a while before I can find someone appropriate.09:48
piggzflypig: certainly happy to ... will leave phone in this state for now09:53
piggzi would guess its a general port issue on 3.309:53
flypigYes, it looks that way, but I don't know enough to give you a categorical answer I'm afraid. I'd expect that if you restart lipstick it will fix it, but that's not the solution you need either!10:00
piggzflypig: user also reported same issue on fresh install of my pro1 port10:09
projectmoon`is there a workaround for issues with the android file chooser? it seems like it cannot figure out what apps to open for a file11:00
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