Monday, 2020-08-03

AnaskoHow do I get Teams meeting working on Sailfish OS 3? Web browsers don't work with Teams website.00:57
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r0kk3rzmicrosoft teams?03:47
r0kk3rzyou probably dont03:47
r0kk3rzmaybe theres an android app that works03:47
* Oksana shrugs, and points out that me personally is not using whatever thing was written up for Sailfish OS to run Android apps until it is open source and in openrepos...04:04
r0kk3rzits funny you mention open repos04:14
r0kk3rza place where anyone can upload binary blobs of unknown provenance04:14
r0kk3rzopen source things are better built on OBS04:15
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PaulePanterHi. On Sailfish OS (Nuuksio), how do I connect to a WiFi network on the command line?07:47
PaulePanter(My touchscreen has non-working areas, so I need to enter the password on th terminal.)07:48
PaulePanterWhen I select that network now, in the GUI, it still asks me for the password though. :(07:48
PaulePanterIs `Unexpected interface capability key GroupMgmt` a problem?07:50
r0kk3rzyou should be able to add it using connman07:51
r0kk3rzwhatever the3 connman syntax is07:52
PaulePanterr0kk3rz: That’s exactly my question.07:53
PaulePanterconnmanctl does not seem to be available.07:53
PaulePanterI can only see connmand.07:54
r0kk3rzmaybe theres an additional package to install07:54
r0kk3rzseems like theres a tools package07:55
PaulePantersystemctl restart connman08:04
PaulePanter… made it use the edited WLAN configuration file with the added passphrase.08:04
PaulePanter(Before I enabled and disabled WLAN using the GUI, and that did not work.)08:05
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Mister_MagisterGet on my level bois (plz do sfos will benefit)12:13
Nico[m]Wow, that is awesome!12:14
Mister_Magisteri forgot to mention moto g2 (also my port) that is holding moto z up lmao12:14
x2sI'm wondering, are there any new supported phones coming sometime soon? The Xperia 10 seems to phase out and is already replaced by the 10 II, so I'm wondering if there are any news12:47
x2s(and what happend to 16:9 displays?!)12:48
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Mister_Magistercan someone explain how are you supposed to edit thread in order to add mer-meeting topic?21:07
* Oksana does like OBS, but it is not exactly a repository to get apps from... Right?22:19
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Mister_MagisterOksana: why not22:36
OksanaMister_Magister: 1) If OBS is a repository, where is GUI for it, or would it only be accessible over command-line? 2) Never heard before of OBS being a repository, but then, I am new to OpenSUSE and such22:37
r0kk3rzif things are open source, you build them22:38
OksanaSure, open-source things are built - say, at OBS. I thought that OBS-built things then get uploaded to openrepos to become available to users?22:38
r0kk3rzthat is rarely the case22:39
r0kk3rzbut its possible sure22:39
Mister_MagisterOksana: here is gui
Mister_Magisterhere is repo
r0kk3rzthe point is on open repos you dont know where something is built, or from what source22:43
OksanaMister_Magister: So OBS is multiple-repositories, just like Openrepos? But doesn't have a Storeman of its own to make app installation easy?23:20

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