Wednesday, 2020-08-05

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thiggHi, i have a question/feature request regarding qmultimedia, should that go to the mer project or to sailfishos? (Asking why there is nothing like scaletempo in the gstreamer pipeline)15:12
Nico[m]That sounds like it would be a general qt thing15:14
thiggHm strange, it seems like the Qmediaplayer is providing pitch compensation on other systems, thats why i thought its a mer/sailfish issue15:17
Nico[m]Ah, yeah, then it could be sailfish specific. Was that maybe added later than Qt5.6?15:19
thigghm, the pipeline looks similar in current qt sources15:25
thiggi wonder if they do pitch compensation someplace else15:26
thiggit would be very nice to play a podcast without turning the speaker into mickey mouse.15:26
Nico[m]Ah, that sounds like a bug, that I also noticed. I would report it on the sailfish forum15:27
Nico[m]I thought you were talking about APIs15:27
Nico[m]It also only seems to happen since 3.3 for me15:27
thiggoh, not before? I just joined recently, thats why i couldnt notice. I wonder if a required plugin is not installed...15:29
thiggk, gonna post on the forum15:29
thiggposted, thanks for your help :)15:37

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