Monday, 2020-09-07

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attahI'll have to by GitHub minutes before i get a grip on Docker...18:49
Nico[m]That's why I usually use custom runners (although with gitlab)18:49
attahas in self-hosted?18:51
Nico[m]Yes, but you can use custom runners also with hosted18:51
attahwow, Docker is really finicky :(20:03
Nico[m]It sometimes really is20:04
attahthe job on github fails with mb2(?) saying Fatal: 'SailfishOS-' is not a known build target20:04
Nico[m]Ah, yeah20:05
attahsame thing locally fails to find a file that definitely exists inside the container20:05
Nico[m]I think for that reason I added `sdk-assistant list` to my gitlab job :D20:06
attahoh, now i get it20:06
Nico[m]I had the same issue. I don't remember how I fixed it, I think I needed to pushd before my build20:07
Nico[m]If you want to look at my struggles:
attahi'll save that for tomorrow20:11
Nico[m]Looking at my own job failure history, it seems like the pushd ~/build fixed it20:12
Nico[m]So that may be worth a try20:12
attahas opposed to a cd?20:12
Nico[m]Well, cd should probably work too20:13
Nico[m]I assume you are also nemo and not root?20:13
Nico[m]In the end, I'm not sure, how I fixed it anymore, it's been 5 months :D20:14
attahi mkdired a build dir on /tmp... since i didn't have permissions in the mounted(?) volume20:14
Nico[m]You should have permissions in /home/nemo20:14
attahmaybe there is better... but shouldn't matter20:15
Nico[m]The other locations should be read only20:15
Nico[m]You say that now, but... :D20:16
attahSo the output of sdk-assistant list is a hierarchy of armv7hl and i486 under the version... on github, it is just the version heading20:17
Nico[m]Yeah, then it can't find the sdk, which also explains your error20:18
Nico[m]You can install them manually, but that takes ages and I don't think you need to do that20:18
attahyes, but since it is the exact same Dockerfile, i don't get it20:18
Nico[m]I think it was really something about the directories20:19
attahdamnit, you were right20:19
Nico[m]Can I see your build definition?20:19
attahnow it build locally20:20
Nico[m]It is such a weird issue and the error message does not help at all!20:20
Nico[m]So you're sorted?20:20
attahprobably not...20:20
attahstill no targets on Github, but will retry20:21
attahstill same crap20:26
Nico[m]Maybe add some whoami and pwds?20:27
attahprobably... but it works locally :/20:27
Nico[m]Are you running the same thing locally=20:28
attah"docker build ."  in the workflow repo i'm making20:28
Nico[m]Ah, you are building inside the dockerfile?20:29
attahand then a simple docker "run -v /home/attah/repos/harbour-seaprint:/github/workspace <hash from previous step>"20:29
attahthe Dockerfile ENTRYPOINT owns the command to execute20:30
Nico[m]I see. That is somewhat unusual to me coming from gitlab :D20:30
attahwell, i have no idea what i *should* be doing, but the abstraction of just deferring to an externally defined build step seemed good at the time20:31
Nico[m]Yeah, I may need to read up on Github Actions. They always looked weird and complex to me20:32
Nico[m]gitlab just has the build steps one after another, which is easier to wrap my mind around20:32
attahwell, this is that too, but one step has "uses: attah/buildfish@0.6" instead of a run attribute20:33
Nico[m]Did you look at the actions coderus uses?20:35
attahthat's what i started with... just tried to break it out20:35
Nico[m]And coderus version worked?20:35
attahno (:20:37
Nico[m]CI sucks, it takes so much effort to find the small issue, that breaks everything20:38
Nico[m]I still would guess the current user is wrong, when you are executing your build step20:38
attahThis was a pretty nice experience tbh:
Nico[m]Looks like it. Not 90% of your history is red!20:39
attahtook a few tries to get it right... the ones you see are legitimate errors20:40
attah(i test with -Werror -Wextra -pedantic etc. on both g++ and clang)20:41
attahsometimes i don't bother with both compilers locally... and it bites back20:41
Nico[m]I think I need to try out github actions for nheko too now. Travis sucks and appveyor is barely better20:41
Nico[m]I did not know you could just use ubuntu as the image :320:42
attahas opposed to?20:42
Nico[m]I thought you had to define weird actions to do anything20:43
Nico[m]There is an action to create an APT repo but not an RPM one ._.20:45
attahcoderus trigger works, as expected20:49
Nico[m]Well, then the issue has to be somewhere in between :D20:50
attah...the keyboard and the chair20:50
Nico[m]Well, that too ;p20:50
attahoh well... better get some sleep20:59
attahgood night!20:59
Nico[m]Good night :320:59

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