Thursday, 2020-09-10

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Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: i don't think so, they are working fine. it's gstdroid-player and gstdroid mismatch06:14
r0kk3rzwouldnt that break it on all devices?07:44
r0kk3rzmine work07:45
r0kk3rzit builds against this
r0kk3rznot gst-droid07:48
malthere is a different version of that on official 3.3.0 and on community devices with 3.3.008:13
r0kk3rzoh thats interesting08:20
r0kk3rzofficial has the old version maybe?08:20
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HumanG33khello there is a way to get debug log on jolla, sailfishos ?21:23
Nico[m]journalctl usually21:23
HumanG33khum ok thx21:23
HumanG33ki will check that21:24
HumanG33khow can i get a terminal on the phone ?21:31
Nico[m]Enable developer mode in the settings21:31

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