Saturday, 2020-09-26

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guest314Can someone please confirm which is the repo which has the installscript.qs file. I can see that it is part of the org.merproject.mersdk, but I am unable to find it on the github source :(13:22
guest314on macOS, the SDK-maintenance-tool fails because on installscript.qs, there is an extra ` on line 393 !13:22
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gangadharIn the function _addDockerOperations()_ I am not 100% certain why the docker functions are getting checked for updates, since from what I know, both the build and execution engines are on-top of vBOX or Hyper-V (on Windows)13:24
gangadharI searched on the github for sailfishos and I am a newbie and I don't understand which project source is where and the overall structure !13:26
gangadharCan anyone please confirm if this is something that is part of sailfish or is this something I need to check on Qt (as this is .qs for the installer creation)13:33
malI think that installscript.qs file might be from qtcreator but it was removed in the latest version, not sure if that is yet released13:53
gangadharThanks for the response mal ! I checked qt-creator also, but didn't find it there. My theory was this is infra that comes from qt so it must be in the Qt upstream; but what I don't know is how the upstream Qt is embedded into the SailfishOS packaging13:54
malgangadhar: that is the commit which removed it13:59
malgangadhar: do you have latest app sdk?14:00
gangadharI can't get the latest SDK on macOS since the sdk-maintenance-tool fails14:09
gangadharmal, this seems to be working on Linux though :-/14:09
malwhich sdk version you have now?14:11
frojndHi there14:35
frojndMy kid just perm locked my device: I'm using xperia14:36
frojndCan I somehow unlock it without loosing my data? Ssh through wlan still works so I can ssh to the phone14:37
frojndI even remember root pass... so is there a way to unlock without loosing my data? :)14:37
gangadharhow do I find the version of the SDK alone ?14:38
gangadharsfsdk or something ?14:39
frojndHope this helps:
gangadharin the $SAILFISH_HOME/bin/sfdk; doing a --version gives me this14:39
malthat seems very old, I have 3.2.014:43
malI mean 3.2.1014:43
malmaybe you could download the latest one and try to install it14:43
malinstead of update, hopefully it will work14:44
malfrojnd: did that help?14:44
frojndTake option "3) Shell" in the Recovery menu14:44
frojndNot sure how to get to Recovery menu mal14:44
malfrojnd: maybe try that via ssh first14:46
malfrojnd: in case you need recovery mode then check this
malthat has section "Setting up Recovery Mode"14:47
frojndOk I see a device when I eneter fastboot devices14:50
gangadharmal, that is what I was thinking to do; but looks like I need to uninstall and reinstall. Do you recommend I use the sdkmaintenance tool to uninstall and then reinstall the .DMG14:51
frojndsudo fastboot boot hybris-recovery.img14:51
frojndSo I need this hybris-recovery.img?14:51
frojndNot sure where to get it14:52
frojndAha I red again14:53
malgangadhar: does it allow updating from the new installer14:55
malfrojnd: it's in the installation zip, and probably also somewhere on the device14:55
malI think in /boot14:56
gangadharmal, have not checked that. Will try that out. I am bit confused about where to look for in source. Looks like Qt-Creator is the one that has the installer code too !14:59
gangadharEarlier I used to update using the sdkmaintenance tool, but maybe I need to download the fill installer each time14:59
gangadharor atleast this one time :)14:59
malgangadhar: if the old maintenance tool is not working then using the one from new download might allow updating, in theory at leasty15:00
malif not then reinstalling might be needed15:01
gangadharI will try that out15:07
frojndAfter I write fastboot boot hybris-recovery (the one from /boot or the one from: for sony xa2) I get < waiting for any device > phone reboots in some sort of charging state15:21
frojndI see battery percentage and not: "RECOVERY:  Connect USB cable and open telnet to address" as mentiones here:
frojndSo whay does it not boot hybris-recovery15:31
frojndfastboot devices gives me `CQ3001C8P8 fastboot`15:35
frojndSo fastboot is properly configured?15:36
frojndIt's very odd15:39
frojndThe moment I type in fastboot boot hybris-recovery.img it reboots device and shows waiting for any device15:40
gangadharmal, reinstall worked; though on the macOS, the display is not great for the vbox VM15:41
gangadharAny ideas on how to improve it?15:41
frojndOk so weird15:42
frojndI just unplugged usb cable15:42
frojndWhile still having terminal open with fastboot boot recovery.img command15:42
frojndI replugged cable while holding vol up and now I see Connect usb cable and open telnet to address...15:43
frojndtelent is not working just says trying
frojndAll this crap because I forgot to reboot my Linux pc :// I upgraded it and kernel also upgraded but I forgot to reboot16:06
frojndmal: It worked16:06
frojndI unlocked my phone..16:06
malfrojnd: great16:25
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attahSuccess! Tablet resurrected and updated16:51

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