Monday, 2020-10-12

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Nico[m]Anybody knows how to use the page indicator to indicate unread messages, like in the messages app? What's that component called?09:16
ThaodanYou can look into harbour-fuoten it also uses the indicator for that09:29
ThaodanNico[m]: the item is GlassItem09:36
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Nico[m]Thank you!09:57
Nico[m]Will try that out later :309:57
attahSpeculation: CUPS may have gone unmaintained17:41
x2sI thought Apple took CUPS over17:48
attahYes... a long time ago. Along with the guy who created it, who quit last year.17:49
attahSince then there has been *one* commit... to fix some CVEs.17:50
x2sThat sounds disturbing.17:50
attahLooking at the commit count, there doesn't seem to have been any other devs actively involved17:56
x2sI guess some weren't that happy with the Apple thing...17:57
attahFor being a huge pile of single-developer C code, manly intended to deal with quirks, it seems to have done pretty great... but i can see how that will fail sooner or later17:59
x2sI meant some of the other devs. But if it's really a single-developer thing than it never stood a chance.18:00
x2sYou need to be very idealistic to do this for years and years...18:01
malattah: wondering how much it has affected the main cups codebase that the filters and backends etc are in separate repos now and those see a lot of activity18:01
attahNext committer is at 47 whole commits, one of 5-6 even in double digits18:01
malI mean this one
attahEither the interface is beyond superb, or the legacy is so great nobody cares anymore... can't claim to know, but i have my guess18:04
attahBut kudos to msweet for all these years and for putting the last bits of Airprint under Apache before leaving18:08
Ingvixhow do I get the blue light to activate to indicate an IM notification? I sort of assumed it'd be done with the notification category but is there more to it or did I just use the wrong category? I tried with and
hjkI have a question.21:10
hjkOn Android, there are frequent message "Managed Roaming (SUB*)"21:10
hjkThen, bands, are not contracted are "Available".21:11
hjkHave you ever seen this on the sailfish?21:12
hjkIs this a bug on the android?21:13

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