Wednesday, 2020-10-14

r0kk3rzand all sailfish devices, except for pinephone, use it00:00
Oksanar0kk3rz: What about, say, Nokia N900 or Nokia N950?00:09
WikiwideCould somebody please update information on nextCloud in this table?
WikiwideOr on SOGo:
r0kk3rzOksana: those dont use hybris00:34
r0kk3rzthey existed well before hybris was invented00:35
r0kk3rzim not sure they run sailfish though00:35
OksanaNokia N950 used to run Nemo Mobile, which is something Mer-based and running Lipstick00:38
r0kk3rzused to00:42
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ThaodanIts stuck on an really ancient kernel because of its blobs04:11
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JojanHi! I have an issue after updating my Xperia X. Where can I get help?08:05
Nico[m]Here or in the forum08:09
JojanSo my screen turns black after a short while after booting up. The warning and Sony screen shows, and I have time to unlock the phone. But then all goes dark.08:10
JojanWhen I charge, the message shows on the top of the screen, and I get the good-bye message ("Hej då!") when I turn the phone off.08:11
Nico[m]Did you have any patches installed or other stuff, like alien dalvik control, etc?08:11
JojanA patch manager was installed, yes.08:12
Nico[m]Are you quick enough to disable that before the screen goes black? :D08:12
JojanI can give it a try, but I think not.08:13
Tomin_sounds like you have some "overlay" application installed. there is some discussion about that on the forum08:15
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Nico[m]Alternatively you can try one of the ways to  remove it over ssh:
JojanThank you! I will see if I have any luck with it.08:16
Nico[m]If you have any issues with it, you can always come back and ask :308:17
JojanThank you so much! :)  I will.08:17
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attahAaaaarrrgh. My ssh keys have rotted from yesterday, and restarting the docker service, nor setting up a new device profile doesn't help.18:21
Nico[m]You should stop breaking stuff18:55
attahwish i could18:56
attahI gave up and installed my own app from store to make sure it was the version i thought it was18:57
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