Monday, 2020-10-19

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sleurpI have a question I can't find the answer to on the site.When I choose to buy Sailfish X for Sony Xperia X for €49.90, is it the device with or just the OS and what is described in the table?Thank you in advance,09:45
Nico[m]That's just the OS09:45
Nico[m]With access to the proprietary components from the table09:46
sleurpThank you very much, I still have to find a compatible device.09:51
Nico[m]I recommend buying them used, much cheaper :309:55
Nico[m](then it doesn't hurt as much when you break them while flashing... Not that that happened to me q.q)09:55
sleurpYes, I've looked at second hand :DTo test the OS I think it's good.10:07
sleurpThe idea before we talk about it and about the flexibility with regard to Google's services, so that the transition is smooth10:08
Nico[m]Most of them also are in good condition, so buying new is mostly a waste of money :310:08
sleurpthat's exactly it10:14
Nico[m]I really love sailfish as an OS, but since I never used android, I have no idea how difficult a transition can be :310:16
r0kk3rzthe biggest thing will be, for the most part there isnt an app for that10:17
sleurpI'm not necessarily attached to the use of Android. I don't care about their services. It's for the sake of attracting people. And the reality is that if the break-up is frank, we lose people.10:17
Nico[m]Well, not affected by that, mostly just a missing matrix client, but I am working on that10:17
sleurpif I understand correctly, it would still be possible to use Android Apps on this OS?10:19
r0kk3rzit depends10:20
r0kk3rzit depends quite a bit on what the app does, or needs to work10:20
Nico[m]Yeah, not all apps run, because they need google services or bluetooth or other niche stuff. Some of that can be fixed manually, some not10:22
sleurpokIn France, for example, to travel by train, you are strongly advised, or even discouraged if you do otherwise, to have your ticket and information on the SNCF app.10:24
Nico[m]I always use the webapp for that, where I live10:24
sleurpIt is for these details that I would like to test the OS on my side.10:25
Nico[m]Sounds reasonable, please test and report back :310:26
sleurpwith pleasure, just the time to equip myself :D10:26
mpolyour best bet is to buy an Xperia XA2 or Xperia 10, not the Xperia X. The latest 2 models have better Android support10:36
sleurpOk, that's not what I understood from the tablau, thank you.10:42
mpolyou mean the confusion about the name Sailfish X? Yes, it started as support for Xperia X, and then the name stuck10:42
sleurpSo much for me, I just saw my mistake.10:44
thigg[m]Hey, I'm a bit stuck with a qml problem. If someone is willing to throw a quick glance and review , that would help me a lot:
Nico[m]qml sometimes weirdly doesn't set the parent immediately for Listitems or so, so could that cause your issue?12:07
thigg[m]you mean that its a timing issue?12:07
thigg[m]dont think so, because the snippet is in the onClick method12:08
Nico[m]True, that would make no sense12:08
thigg[m]Right now, I'm just swearing at JS here ;)12:09
thigg[m]I never now if this stays this, etc...12:09
Nico[m]I doubt it is really a JS issue, probably more a qml context issue12:09
thigg[m]it could be, that the callback is executed in a pyotherside response12:10
thigg[m]but i tried caching player in a local property and it made no difference12:10
thigg[m](but the message went from undefined to null)12:11
Nico[m]You could try using a signal instead12:11
thigg[m]good idea12:11
Nico[m]If you do a callback, that may be executed on a different thread, and that can do a lot of funky stuff12:12
thigg[m]yep, that makes sense12:12
thigg[m]I'll try and let you know12:12
Nico[m]Good luck :312:12
thigg[m]oh no, i was lost, no pyotherside involved, the callback is just from the onAcceppt method of a dialog...12:13
Nico[m]Still, since player is not a local variable in the component, that may also lead to funky scoping12:14
thigg[m]but then i would expect that redefining it as local property would work12:15
thigg[m]ah but maybe i had two issues here12:15
thigg[m]the property was obviously found, but it was null for some reason12:15
* thigg[m] sent a long message: < >12:20
Nico[m]That would make some sense, yes12:20
Nico[m]A signal should fix that12:20
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