Monday, 2020-11-09

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Tekk_Has anyone experienced a weird firmware hang on an Xperia X before?03:17
Tekk_I think that's what's happening at least. I tried to reboot it almost 5 hours ago and it won't turn back on. Not responding to being plugged in either03:18
Tekk_I'm hoping it'll totally drain the battery overnight and shut down whatever's wrong03:18
rubdosI was hoping that I could edit the topic-start at, but apparently that's not really a thing?11:28
ggabrielrubdos: if it was your first post, perhaps you need kudos, maybe a forum admin can comment11:37
ggabrielI think kodi uses the same backend and I wanted a [SOLVED] but couldn't do it :) all I needed was to be upgraded, which happens automatically as you post/respond in the forum11:39
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ViGerubdos: ggabriel is correct, since you are still on trust level 1, you can't be trusted to edit posts. What would you like to edit there?11:54
ViGeggabriel: You really shouldn't add [SOLVED] to the topic title, but just mark a comment as a solution11:57
ggabrielViGe: sorry, that was on the context of how I rememberred that "trust" may have been a problem - solved in the kodi forums is absolutely fine11:57
rubdosViGe: not sure whether it's a common practice on the forum, but I'd like to keep the topic start up-to-date with the progress we make on whisperfish13:02
rubdosIf it's not common practice, I'll just comment and keep track like that13:02
rubdosThere are fora where it's common practice to keep the topic-start up-to-date with the progress, that's why :)13:02
fledermaushm. can anyone remember whether andoid apps used to be able to re-orient between landscape and portrait under sfos emulation?13:04
gmci'm trying to figure out how to show notifications.. i've found, but how do I generate pop-up notifications?17:15
gmcThe nemo notifications seem to be in the notification area on the event screen only, unless there is some magic combo of properties that make it a pop-up notificatiokn?17:15
maldo you mean transient notification? which will only be shown for a short time and not go to the events view17:16
gmcmal: possibly, maybe, i don't know the terminology yet :)17:18
gmcI'm looking for a way to notify the user about errors, for example when authentication with a web service fails, or when a network error occurs..17:19
gmcso something that is on the screen while the user is using the app17:19
gmclike the notification you get when you install an app that says that the app was installed succesfully17:19
malgmc: I think those installation notifications are transient17:24
malmaybe try setting the hint to "transient" and see if that is what you want17:25
gmcok, i gave that a try, but when I set isTransient to true, I get *no* notification.. no pop-up, no events view..17:25
malhow did you set it17:25
gmcisTransient: true17:26
malthat looks ok17:34
maldo non-transient notifications work in that code?17:35
gmcyes, when I comment out the isTransient line, I do get the notification in the event view17:36
malgmc: try removing replacesId, also try settings previewSummary and previewBody instead of summary and body17:45
gmci did try removing replacesId indeed, didn't help17:48
gmcaha aha.. the preview{Body,Sumarry} was the key indeed!17:49
gmcmakes sense now that I think of it, and it is actually sort of in the documentation17:50
gmcthanks :)17:52
malin next release there would fallback to using summary and body if previewSummary and previewBody are missing17:53
malgood that it works now17:53
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