Wednesday, 2020-11-11

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VanGanzhello all. I do not if this is the correct space to ask for some support20:40
VanGanzI have been in the forum, but I do not seem to tie together the required information20:40
x2sJust try and aks20:47
x2sif we can help, we will20:47
VanGanzx2s: thanks20:49
VanGanzwell, tried to update to 3.420:50
VanGanzI updated aliendalvik-control and Storeman, as per the release notes.20:50
VanGanzI downloaded the update, started it, but the it said it could not update for the moment or something like that, then the option for reboot.20:51
VanGanzI rebooted, but then I only have the option to download the update again, but it just hangs and does nothing. Then Storeman does not let me uninstall any package20:53
VanGanzI tried disabling the repos, did not work, I could not update,same behaviout20:53
attahI guess doing the update from the terminal could help... that should hopefully show some error messages20:54
VanGanzwith "ssu re"?20:56
attahusual disclaimers apply and whatnot... but that's what i'd have done20:57
VanGanzdoes not work.20:57
attahin what way?20:58
VanGanzWARNING: ssu.ini does not seem to be writable. Setting values might not work.20:58
VanGanzDevice release is currently:
attahInteresting warning... what happens next?20:59
VanGanzwell, nothing21:00
attahyou shoukd run "version --dup" after21:00 do the actual update21:00
VanGanzlet's try...21:01
VanGanzYour device is now in release mode!21:05
attahSoo now it is processing the update?21:10
VanGanzwell, after "version --dup", it says, "waiting"21:15
VanGanzdoinf it via ssh, btw21:15
VanGanzkind of hanged there21:15
attahbrave... but that sounds early enough that interrupting the process won't be a problem - but don't take my word for it21:16
attahdid package management in general work?21:17
VanGanzI am getting kinf of frustrated. What about factory reset?21:17
attahif something is courrupted and blocking this, sure - that should do it21:18
attahmaybe it's as simple as your jolla account session having gone stale?21:20
VanGanzwell, not really experienced with package management in the CLI with SFOS, but with the GUI was ok, except I can not uninstall packages from openrepos with storeman21:20
attahthat sounds iffy, but i'm not particularly experienced with storeman, so not drawing any conclusions21:22
VanGanzyeah, I do not know, I enjoy tinkering as much as the next guy, but I am not having time to troubleshoot this kind of stuff21:26
VanGanzbusy enough breaking my desktop system (also linux)21:26
attahI know that feeling :P21:27
attahMy SFOS phones have been well-behaved, at least since the J1 with btrfs eating itself in the later years as the eMMC degraded21:28
attahBut the tablet took a few factory resets to necromance when i got it a much needed new battery recently21:29
VanGanzhappy to hear you still have them. I quite like it, but for my needs I still cannot use it as a so-called "daily driver"21:30
attahMy smartphone journey started with N9... i never went Android21:31
attahbut i have had some for work, most recently a Galaxy S921:31
attahbut they have never been a fallback, only desk phones21:32
VanGanzso what do you use daily21:33
attahXperia 10 currently21:33
attahwith SFOS of course21:33
attahThinking about switching back to the XA2... but haven't gotten around to it21:33
VanGanzI have an Android, but I hate that 2-3 years, and they stop providing updates, with a perfectly OK HW21:33
VanGanzdo you use messengers? Like whatsapp21:34
attahnot really, no21:34
VanGanzmy minimum requeriment would be to support Signal and Threema, but seems to be that it does not work21:34
attahWhen i had Signal, i had one contact... the Android app worked just fine21:35
VanGanzI read in the forum that Signal cannot read the contact book21:36
Nico[m]attah: Seems like you had a very similar phone journey to what I had :D21:36
Nico[m]Only real difference is, that I had a Windows CE phone before my N9 :D21:36
attahi shall check21:36
attahI came from Siemens, via the semi-successor Benq, but just feature phones21:37
VanGanzI really liked Nokia back in the day, my last one was a super fancy flip phone with Symbian21:38
VanGanzthen you go into the smartphone threadmill and landfill devices...21:39
VanGanzI hate Apple21:39
attahYes, seems  signal can't access the address book nowadays... but copying a few numbers is not that bad21:39
Nico[m]My dad still uses his symbian device21:40
attahHaven't tried Apple... but my parents seem to do well with them.. for qute some years on the same device too21:40
VanGanzif I can use it, I do not mind copying some numbers, you are right. As long as it works smoothly, maybe also calls21:41
attahI have to admit i don't use it barely at all... but it starts and runs fine from what i could tell21:42
VanGanz@Nico: respect to your Dad. I know that feeling, I like this phone, and I will hold to it until it dies21:42
attahI should feel bad over my phone obsession... 2xN9, J1, JC, Aquafish, Xperia X, Xperia XA2, Xperia 10 - all in good usable condition, all but the 10 sitting on a shelf21:44
VanGanzit's ok. You are not changing an android phone every 1-2 years and creating technological scrap21:46
VanGanzI hate planned obsolecence with all my guts21:46
attahYeah, that sucks... so having paid Jolla a few times extra, and published a few apps seems like the least i could do21:48
attahanyway... i should be headed to bed. Nice talking to you guys, as always, good luck with the update/recovery21:50
VanGanzok, thanks a lot for the support21:50

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