Monday, 2020-11-16

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ochernoI remember coming across forum post with top native applications by category ... couldn't find today16:25
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pyllyukkoso which one of the android app stores is the "best"? at least apkpure seems funky (in the bad sense).17:03
ggabrielI would use aptoide that you get from store if I had to run android applications tbh17:04
pyllyukkoyes. i used to use that before the "incident" where it got replaced by some other app and i'm not entirely sure what was the whole deal, but then they temporarily removed it from jolla store.17:07
ggabrielwell, it's still aptoide17:08
ggabrielwe're in a past incident reality now17:08
pyllyukkoggabriel: thanks17:11
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olAlso, there is Aurora Store. You can install its client from F-Droid.18:40
Tekk_`hey, does anyone have notifications working from Discord one one of the Android 8.x devices?18:48
Tekk_`I thought it was that I was missing a gapps framework, but I have microg installed and still no notifications.18:48
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Tekk_So now that I *do* have an app that'll make sense with the IDE....does anyone know when there's going to be a release of the application SDK that works on current Linux distros?19:59
Tekk_Rather than having to try and install old openssl versions from 18.04, debian oldstable, Fedora god-knows-which, etc.20:00
Nico[m]Gentoo has an Openssl 1.0 compat package, but the next Sailfish release will have 1.1, so I think the SDK will too20:04
Tekk_In the meantime I'm trying the platform sdk. I successfully installed it but I can't sudo from within the chroot after using mer-sdk-chroot. How do I set my password in there?20:19
Tekk_Since I need sudo to install targets20:19
Tekk_Oh, it's a nosuid issue even though my fs isn't nosuid..20:20
Tekk_No, I remounted my /home as suid and I still can't sudo. Weird.20:21
Tekk_Just changed sudoers. No big deal20:22
Tekk_wait. I'm seeing aarch64 targets on the releases page20:33
Tekk_Does that mean that the XA2 devices are finally 64 bit? Or is the target for those still armv7hl?20:33
Nico[m]<Tekk_ "Does that mean that the XA2 devi"> No, new targets may be20:34
Nico[m]*new devices20:34
Tekk_Ah, okay.20:34
piggzrinigus: ping21:16
riniguspiggz: pong. nb, its late over here - I am off in few minutes21:18
piggzok, ill be quick.21:18
piggzsetting currentIndex of combobox isnt updating it21:19
piggzseen that?21:19
piggzprinting index before and after set shows correct values21:19
rinigusin kirigami?21:19
rinigusmaybe. let me check21:20
riniguspiggz: that one looks to be working fine -
piggzok, ill see what im doing wrong21:24
Tekk_ I followed this guide but when I open the self-check it complains that the system isn't spoofing its signature and that GmsCore doesn't have the correct signature. Any clue what's up?21:41
Tekk_I've verified in the system settings that microg and fakestore are allowed to spoof their signatures21:42
Tekk_The page only has instructions for up to 3.3, maybe something changed in 3.4?21:43
Tekk_I actually think my android support may be weird in the first place. Does anyone else notice that focus is sometimes just lost on them and it jumps to another random android window?22:07
abransonTekk_: do you have the spoofing enabled in the android support settings in sailfish?22:31
abransonthe permission isn't enabled by default22:31
abransonand you have to restart it if you change that22:33
Tekk_I've now also tried reinstalling aliendalvik and repeating the process. No difference.22:33
Tekk_Enable spoofing in Sailfish options -> install the microg core apk -> go into settings via dalvik-control and enable it for the app -> reboot -> run microg settings and run the self-checker22:34
Tekk_ Poked around more. It seems to be a reported regression in 3.422:37
Tekk_The "solution" is to flash 3.3 and then upgrade. Does Jolla have a hidden place to download old releases?22:40
abransonwhere's that? seems people have got somewhere with 3.4
Tekk_Oh oops. Wrong thing in the paste buffer22:41
Tekk_According to the report I suppose it was added in
abransonnot sure much relevant changed 22>2422:43
* Tekk_ shrugs22:46
Tekk_it certainly seems to be the case that people on freshly flashed can't install microG when we have at least on example of a person who could on
Tekk_Unless that person actually upgraded back when they were on 3.3 and didn't mention it in the thread22:48
Nico[m]is the difference maybe freshly installed vs updated?22:48
Nico[m]Since those will have different admin users and stuff22:48
Tekk_It could be, but that wouldn't explain why the person could do it22:48
Tekk_Assuming that they did in fact install microg on 3.422:48
Tekk_"Fixed the issue in starting Android App Support on OS update" (from the 24 changelog) so they definitely *did* touch the subsystem22:49
Tekk_They also split up aliendalvik into multiple packages in this release22:52
abransonhmm, that issue looks like it was a problem with the alien package cache. it needed to be wiped on that upgrade.22:58
abransonI think 3.4.0 had an android system release bump. maybe that's the problem.22:59
Tekk_I have no alien package cache fwiw22:59
Tekk_Or rather, none from before ;)22:59
abransoni mean whatever change caused the package cache to become invalid might also be breaking microg23:00
Tekk_Oh! Possibly23:00
abransonhmm no, wasn't a release bump. both are r7323:02
Tekk_It seems like for a lot of people aliendalvik was just straight-up broken in 4.0.22 though23:04
Tekk_Oh yeah, that was the cache stuff.23:04

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