Friday, 2020-11-27

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teirdeshello. i'm trying to configure my sailfish device to output audio to two sinks but i can't seem to get pactl to connect.17:46
teirdesso i can't list available sinks, which appears an impediment to configuring the right pulseaudio module17:46
teirdesi get connection refused on pactl list sinks, aplay is not found, and pacmd outputs no daemon running.17:46
teirdesi've successfully executed aforementioned commands on an arch linux laptop and trying mostly to follow instructions on arch wiki17:47
malas which user are you doing that?17:50
malpulseaudio is a user process17:50
teirdesi guess nemo user then17:50
malyes, use nemo17:51
attahkarry: again, thanks for digging me out of the hole i had coded :)18:29
teirdesso i now have a combined sink like this
teirdesand i'm trying to get output from both headphones like so
teirdesbut then sailfishos stops recognising my wired headphones and instead puts the sound through to the phone speaker19:45
teirdesi was trying to get the audio into sink.deep_buffer, which was the one running when the wired headphones were on19:46
teirdesbut there is clearly some other magic at play here19:46
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teirdesfinal question: bluetooth 5 comes with support for 2 a2dp sinks, but the issue is that pulseaudio does not yet implement support for bluez5 support for this, have i understood correct?22:56
Nico[m]I don't think even desktop pulseaudio supports that yet22:57
Nico[m]Bluetooth audio on linux is a mess...22:57
teirdesah, ok. yeah.22:58
teirdesoh well. at least i can do module-combine-sink now22:58
teirdesthere is hope22:59

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