Monday, 2020-11-30

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rinigusto Jolla devs: as statefs is considered deprecated, maybe someone can point towards the replacement. thread in official forum:
ViGerinigus: I don't think we have public APIs for most of that stuff07:40
rinigusViGe: I must that I haven't looked for it. but it would make sense to expect something if stateFS is scraped off07:44
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attahI got tricked into hearting a spammer on the forum because he stroked my ego.... shame on me19:19
Nico[m]At least you are aware of your weakness ;p19:22
Nico[m]I accidentally hearted a spammer, because I tried to figure out who hearted him, but I could at least undo that :319:22
attahSeems i can't undo this one, which is odd19:23
Nico[m]Your shame will forever be marked in history!19:24
attahhaha, or until a moderator rolls around19:24
Nico[m]I kinda miss the nemo username. defaultuser is so boring :D21:33
ochernotrying to install droid-MIY (Beyerdynamics headphone BT app) ... seems it does not see BT on the device21:43
Nico[m]Is that an android app?21:43
Nico[m]I think there are some issues regarding BT + android, i.e. android apps can't pair and stuff21:44
Nico[m]And can't do low level BT manipulations21:44
ochernoI was suspecting this ...21:44

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