Monday, 2020-12-14

OksanaSailfish OS 3.3 on Fxtec Pro1. When I run zypper refresh & zypper update, I get some of the packages being left behind - like harbour-storeman and nfcd - because new versions of these packages depend on library packages that aren't available yet. Is it just me, or are repositories out of sync?00:52
Nico[m]Well, storeman probably requires 3.400:54
OksanaHmm, any idea how to get Sailfish OS 3.4 on Fxtec Pro1?00:54
Nico[m]Update the port or see, if someone actually provides an update port with OTA00:55
OksanaGrrr... > The update to Sailfish 3.4 on the Pro1 ... will ... bring encrypted home partition for added security of your data. ... Because of this, it is not possible to upgrade an existing 3.3 release to 3.4.  The 3.4 release must be flashed onto the phone, after which it will be possible to restore any backups taken. Trying to force an upgrade from 3.3 to 3.4 will certainly result in a soft-bricked device, requiring a re-flash, so00:58
Nico[m]Ah, sounds like you need to re-flash00:58
OksanaThat sounds like pain!00:58
Nico[m]But at least your device seems to be actively supported00:58
Nico[m]Well, other devices don't need to reflash, unless you want to encrypt stuff00:59
Nico[m]It's good for security, I'd say do it!00:59
Nico[m]3.4 is pretty good, you wouldn't want to miss out00:59
Oksana1) email accounts (do I have to create them from scratch again?); 2) photographs, music and other files (well, hopefully, they could be just copied over....); 3) Notes (is it even possible to import the database from old Notes into new Notes?); 4) phone-call history and SMS/MMS history (again, a database?); 5) What else have I forgotten? Alarms. Maps with POIs aka bookmarks... Fortunately, I have no calendar events, and no contacts01:02
OksanaI would want to copy over even history of terminal commands.01:02
Nico[m]You should be able to restore accounts, messages and notes from backup01:02
Nico[m](i.e. just import that backup)01:03
OksanaWhat software should I use to make the back-up in the first place?01:03
Nico[m]There should be a backup option01:03
OksanaMicroSD card needed...01:04
Nico[m]Only issue will be maps and stuff, those probably need to be manually migrated, but that may work by copying that folder in /home01:04
Nico[m]MicroSD card or some cloud storage01:04
OksanaSettings->Storage says 60GB used, 45GB left.01:05
OksanaMaps use at most 2GB?01:06
Nico[m]No idea01:07
Nico[m]Mine use way more, because I downloaded a lot01:07
OksanaPhotographs: 7GB. Videos: 5GB. Documents: 17GB. Downloads: 14GB. Sailfish OS with apps and everything: 2GB. Other user data: 16GB.01:08
OksanaWeeeell, I think that 2GB is vector data downloaded from OpenStreetMap, I don't know how much is taken up by on-device raster rendering of said vector data?01:09
Nico[m]Well, in that case you could just redownload01:09
* Oksana has whole Australia and Oceania downloaded - 1.5GB01:09
Nico[m]Well, I have whole Europe downloaded, which has more data probably01:10
Nico[m]I think just Bavaria is already over 1.5GB01:10
OksanaYes, I can re-download maps, no problem, but Settings, bookmarks/POIs and such is something that I don't want to lose.01:10
OksanaHmm, fun! Australia probably has lots of empty space, desert and everything.01:10
Nico[m]I'd copy /home to your computer and then restore selectively, what you need01:11
Nico[m]Although you want to restore notes and stuff from backup, much easier01:11
Nico[m]And if you ever miss anything, you at least still have it somewhere01:11
* Oksana would try to clean up Documents and Downloads and Other user data, then copy whole filesystem to a large MicroSD card (have done that once before, when Sailfish OS installation was very broken), then back-up whatever can be backed-up to a small microSD card, then flash Sailfish OS 3.4, then restore from back-up, then restore missing parts from large MicroSD card.01:13
Nico[m]Sounds reasonable01:13
OksanaFloppy drives were more difficult to loose, and easier to write on (this floppy drive contains this information!) than modern microSD cards. To be fair, microSD cards can survive washing machine.01:14
Nico[m]My floppies all lost data after a while and did not fit inside my phone01:15
OksanaSpace rays? :P01:15
Nico[m]On the other hand, my sd cards die all the time too :D01:15
OksanaDon't remind me...01:15
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OksanaOther user data could probably contain audio recordings.01:38
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cphealyAre there any platforms with Sailfish OS where Widevine L1 is supported?04:50
cphealyOr even Widevine L3 or other commercial DRM?04:57
bencarkMister_Magister: rootfs + base links here appear to be down: have you got a copy?18:57

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