Thursday, 2020-12-24

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santhoshmI couldn't make keyboard to stay put in the screen when a IconButton in clicked.13:00
santhoshmI have a Row which has a textarea and IconButton. I tried to set focus of the textarea to true in the last statement of iconbutton. Even after that TextArea is losing focus. I confirmed it by added a onActiveFocusChanged Signal to TextArea.13:01
santhoshmIs it possible to make the keyboard visible like it's being done in Jolla-Messages? I tried to check the source from phone and last I could find it to use a custom type ChatInput for which I couldn't find the source in my phone.13:02
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eaglei would like to say thank you for everyone contributed to sailfish18:36
eaglei just flashed it18:36
eagleand i love it18:36
eaglejust wish it feels a little faster18:36
eaglewhile using it18:36
eaglebut i know this is optimizations that will be worked in the future . i saw this happening with Oneplus 3t and UT it was sluggish now much faster18:37
eaglebut not as pretty as sail fish18:37
piggzrinigus: and
riniguspiggz: ... nice - posting on multiple channels :) .19:19
piggzrinigus: im fluid in my channel usage ;)19:20
riniguspiggz: indeed. enjoy the evening as well.19:21
piggzrinigus:nothing as enjoyable as moving some code to another thread19:52
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