Sunday, 2020-12-27

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fridlmueDoes someone know, if it is possible to add applications that use the new browser for the WebView to Harbour? Or is that against the Harbour rouls and therefor I have to set it on the "What APIs are missing"-list?15:28
fridlmuend is some one "visiting" ccc's rc3-Event?15:29
eaglehello guys16:34
eaglelooking for help i can't switch off  my xperia 10 plus16:34
eagleevery time i switch it off it turns back on again16:34
eagleany help please16:35
malthere is a way to force it off by pressing volume up + power button for 10 or more seconds, it first vibrates after 5 seconds once but just keep pressing those until it vibrates 2 or 3 times a few seconds later and then it should power off16:40
eaglebut do you know why all the sudden it's doing that16:40
malnot sure why it started doing that, one possbilibilty is that some is crashing during shutdown and triggers a reboot16:41
malwhich sfos version do you have in it?16:41
fridlmueor is it power plugged? I think I remember the Xperias booting when plugged in.16:43
eaglenot plugged16:43
eaglecan i ask about something else18:13
eaglePro1 X18:13
eaglethey claim that sail fish will come to it soon18:13
eaglewill it be official one that run the android aps  or just community version like volla18:14
eaglealso astro slide18:17
eaglei'm trying to find the Fastest ever sailfish exerince18:17
fridlmueAFAIK there has not been a note that there will be Android-Support fot this device. The Pro1 has a unofficial SFOS port. You should contact FX Tech if they can announce anything else.18:28
fridlmueno problem!18:33
eaglelooks like both of them18:36
eaglearen't good choices or will be faster than experia 1018:36
eagleboth processors are weak19:16

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