Tuesday, 2020-12-29

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svipHow much can I trust Android apps through the Aptiode Store that is standard in the Jolla Marked?21:26
svipI just noticed an app is listed under the wrong publisher.21:27
malwhich app?21:28
svipThis one: https://mobilepay.en.aptoide.com/app21:28
svipCal - Israel Credit Card Ltd. seems to be a real company, but they have nothing to do with this app.21:30
svipThis is the real app in Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dk.danskebank.mobilepay&hl=en_US&gl=US21:30
svipThat being said, I have used it from the Aptoide store in the past, and have had no issues.21:33
svipBut it is just curious to me why the publisher seems to be so random.21:33
mala bit strange indeed21:34
svipIt seems to be uploaded by https://en.aptoide.com/store/aptoide-web21:34
svipWhich strikes me as the main account moving things from Google Play to Aptoide.21:35
svipI updated it, then I had trouble getting it to work, then I checked the store again, and I was nervous that it was a fake, and the data I had typed in was now lost.  But it seems unlikely, and that it is just a strange mistake.21:36
malyeah, which device are you using?21:43
svipXperia 2, I believe it is called.21:43
svipI got that special version of Sailfish OS for that phone.21:44
malhmm, what device is that21:44
svipAh, Sony Xperia XA2 - Dual SIM.21:45
maloh, that one21:45
malhow did the app fail?21:45
svipWell, I had to scan documents because I have a hidden address, and it just kept giving me errors when trying to scan my passport, so I gave up.21:46
svipSo it's wrong to say it failed, it was more misbehaving.21:46
svipBut it would not be the first time I have had trouble with Android apps accessing the camera.21:46
svipThough, the camera did seem to work, it just said "technical issue" at some point during the scanning, and asked me to try again.21:47
malah, ok, maybe I can check that or ask someone else to check it21:47
svipWell, it did succeed once, but then it logged me out.21:47
svipAnd that's when I gave up.21:47
svipIt's a rare case of the app, most people don't have hidden addresses, so will not need to go through this process.21:50
svipMy paranoia worries whether pictures of my passport has now ended up in the hands of some unbecoming people.21:50
svipBut I think that is unlikely.21:50
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