Thursday, 2020-12-31

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eagleis there away to make my secuity code made of 4 insted of 609:20
Nico[m]No, I think 6 is the minimum09:21
eaglei hate fingire prints and 6 doesn't feel right lol09:21
Nico[m]Just add 2 0's ;p09:22
eaglecan i aslso ask about double tab to wake up device09:22
Nico[m]I would actually like to have a longer code, since it is also the encryption code09:23
eagleis it hardware or software09:23
Nico[m]It's hardware support. There were issues with double tap to wake on some devices, so it is disabled on those09:23
eaglei have x10 plus09:24
eaglei hope it comes to it soon09:24
eagleand i hope experia 1 II also gets sailfish09:24
eaglei love the software , just wanted to be faster09:24
Nico[m]What do you need faster hardware for?09:24
eaglei thought faster hardware would make the software faster09:25
eaglelike animations , and when i swipe up and stuff09:26
Nico[m]No, the animations should not be limited by hardware, it is just the default animation speed limiting them09:26
Nico[m]At least that is the case on my slow devices09:27
eagleahh when i used to have android i used to switch them completely off from accessibility settings09:27
eagleto make the software trick me that it is faster09:28
eaglecamera app in the andorid store want's to update13:43
eagleshall i let it13:43
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malI wouldn't update that13:45
eaglethank you very much for your help13:55

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