Tuesday, 2021-01-05

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sauronHello. Is this a way to log the boot process during the boot?10:15
paulvtThe boot process is already logged in the journal10:16
sauronDoes this include kernel messages (dmesg)?10:17
paulvtUse `journalctl -b` to get the log from the current boot (and `-b -1` for the boot before that, `-b -2` before that, etc., see also: `journalctl --list-boots`)10:17
paulvtYes, they are prefixed with "kernel:"10:18
sauronI am trying to update SFOS on bullhead, but it does not boot after the update10:25
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fridlmueI had the libqt5embedwidget.so used in my app to test it out. As I can't take it to harbour that way I removed it now again. I think I removed all dependecies from the Source. However, SailfishSDK tells me a Issues with the RPM Validation when building to the armv7 target. But not when Building to the i486 taret. Do I need also to free some cache or something to make the build engine notice, I do not use the so anymore? (I use the Docker-12:56
fridlmueVersion at the Moment)12:56
fridlmueOr is there a way to reset the Docker-Container├č13:01
Nico[m]Have you tried just restarting docker?13:03
fridlmueNico[m]: I restarted all the system, and now I restarted explicetly Docker. But it did not help.13:07
Nico[m]Well, it was worth a try :D13:07
Nico[m]You did wipe the build directory and such?13:07
fridlmuei'll try13:08
fridlmueOk, that was easy. Thank you! I should have been able to come up with that solution on my own ;-)13:12
Nico[m]No worries, sometimes talking to someone else just helps, even if the other party is just guessing as well :D13:15
kaari52Hi, I have problem to get my calls that I have recorded to get from phone cpu. Phone is Sony x2z or something. I can listen from phone the calls, but cannot share it to email or dropbox.13:31
kaari52What's the directory that have recorded calss?13:32
duck25where i can read about next version of sailfish and what new features to anticipate15:58
Nico[m]Unless you like looking through git repos15:59
duck25oh i wouldn't know how to do so :(15:59
Nico[m]Yeah, then nowhere until it is announced :315:59
duck25i'm on my xperia 10 plus 3.416:02
duck25i love it just wish it's a but faster16:02
duck25do they have annual or monthly usual release time16:03
fridlmueThere is no fixed cycle afaik.16:07
fridlmuebut in the last years it was more then once a year ;-) 3 - 4 a year i would say.16:08
Nico[m]Yeah, I think 4.0 was actually planned to happen in december, but it didn't make it16:12
Nico[m]And now everyone is on vacation :316:12
tigasHello, everyone! Just arrived to "the little boat" and adding this channel to the IRC app. Keep up the good work!16:28
Nico[m]Welcome, I hope you'll enjoy your stay ;316:28
duck25nice news for me so 4 is just around the corner then16:29
Nico[m]duck25: We'll see. It's ready when it's ready16:29
vilpanI thought that was the unofficial slogan of Debian :)16:30
Nico[m]Fair enough16:30
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