Friday, 2021-01-08

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duck47how can i install pure maps or osmad06:35
duck47and any idea which is better navigation app06:36
Nico[m]Install Storeman from openrepos07:23
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ggabrielo/ has anybody tried changing the server location in a general email account (IMAP)? I migrated mine and now it cannot upate09:57
ggabrielThis is what's being logged, fwiw:11:28
ggabriel[W] unknown:0 - void EmailAgent::activityChanged(QMailServiceAction::Activity) operation failed error code: 1043 error text: "Socket error\n<Error 1043>" account: 20 connection status: 0 sender: QMailRetrievalAction(0x1eabbd8)11:28
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ggabrielok, to answer my own question: it was the certificate chain on the new server (sigh)12:51
dcalistemonich, spiiroin, may I ask you how to run sailjail in debug mode ?14:52
* monich doesn't touch sailjail lately and doesn't like the whole idea14:54
monichdcaliste: try -v14:55
monichor -vv14:55
dcalisteHello monich, thanks, but I would like to know how to get the GWARN() messages ?14:55
monichwhen I was debugging it, that was enough14:55
dcalisteOr -v and -vv is doing that already ?14:55
monichdcaliste: debug output used to be dumped to console14:56
monichif there is a console :)14:56
dcalisteYeh, I'm running it from console. Ok, -v or -vv is actually doing it. I've just missed the line I was looking for :/14:58
dcalisteMy bad. Sorry for disturbing you.14:58
kirvesAxehmm, I can't find the setting for showing/hiding VKB when a physical keyboard is connected...16:24
attahThaodan: I assume you saw this?
Nico[m]Still waiting for the OpenSSL 1.1 update :319:42
Thaodanattah: I did it was my task19:45
Thaodanthis is about removing the old19:45
attahso the community meeting question is more like information sharing?19:46
attah(that's a very nice idea)19:50
Thaodanmore the second20:59

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