Monday, 2021-01-18

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malfridl: related to the dependency issue you had
Newbie14Hi, I'm trying to have a googlefree phone and in my search came across Sailfish OS but I do not know whether it's compatible with a Huawei Honor DLI-L22 or a Blackview A7 Pro.12:24
mpolNewbie14: you could ask in #sailfish-porters   Please be aware that community devices have no option to run android apps, that is only on officially supported devices12:33
Newbie14#sailfish-porters has only me in it...12:37
Nico[m]It's #sailfishos-porters12:38
mpolah, sorry for the confusion12:38
Newbie14thanks again12:38
Newbie14I joined #sailfishos-porters but get: 'Cannot send to nick/channel'12:42
mpolyou might need to rehister and log in, I just joined, it seems to work12:45
Newbie14No joy, I think I'll try elsewhere, g'day12:47
rubdosabranson: since Sailfish 3.4, I seem unable to get my Pebbles to talk with Rockpool, you know something about that?13:28
rubdosI feel like it's something to do with LE13:28
rubdos(also, the pebbles DO connect via BT LE, but consume a ton of battery)13:29
rubdosHmm, resetting the whole rockpoold share directory seems to fix it13:36
rubdosAt least for now :-)13:36
abransonthe LE is their own protocol afair. no-one had reverse engineered it last time I looked, but I don't think it was trivial13:53
rubdosAh, that explains. For some reason though, it didn't fall back on regular BT here then, because the watch showed "LE only"14:13
olDoes anybody know how to allow SMS reading permissions to Google Play Services in Alien Dalvik?14:38
Krikkeis it the phone permission?14:43
fridlmal: Thanks for the Update on the dependency issue, however I got an answer this Morning from Harbour-QA (sure they have not been in the loop ;-) ) that the app was rejected. Shall I retry with the same Version?15:11
fridlQA suggested to use "Requires: contextkit-declarative-qt5" in the spec file (i never edited something in the spec file?!)15:13
malreally? that is not in list of allowed requirements15:15
fridlyeah, i sent you a PM15:18
ol<Krikke "is it the phone permission?"> I've instaled banking app. During process of registration, it shows a message that it requores permissions to read SMS to complete registration. Then a notification is shown that it's unable to connect to Google Play Services. At the sme time, the following is shown by logcat:15:22
ol01-18 14:29:04.634  8339 11129 W PermCheckPreProcessor: API 126 requires missing permission groups: [android.permission-group.SMS]15:22
ol01-18 14:29:04.642 29013 29144 E GoogleApiAvailability: Unexpected error code 1915:22
olGoogling for error code 19 shows the following:
olLooks like Google Play Services I installed don't have permissions to read SMS. Hence, my question is: how to allow Google Play Services to have these permissions?15:24
olI can change permissions of Android apps in settings, but Google Play Services don't have an icon that is shown on "Applications" section of settings app.15:25
malol: there is no support for reading sms messages in android app support at the moment, is there no way to manually enter the verification code?15:51
ol<mal "ol: there is no support for read"> Unfortunately, no. The app just hangs.16:07
olI'll try to contact my bank and report this problem.16:12
malI don't use mobile banking apps, I requested a code generator machine from them instead16:14
x2smal: sadly not all banks support them :(16:24
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attahI feel unusually thick today

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