Monday, 2021-02-01

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piggzanyone know hoe to do this....10:41
piggzin my qmake project, i install some additional files10:41
piggzone of the files, i need to rename/pre-process before installation10:41
piggzi thought i could do it specifying the commands in .extra, but it isnt workin10:42
ViGepiggz: more details please10:48
piggzViGe: ok, specifically ... in amazfish, i install a systemd service10:49
piggzfor sailfish its fine10:49
piggzbut i now support desktop and other platforms10:49
piggzi need something like a file, with some variables10:50
piggzand replace them, antall timed rename the file at ins10:50
piggzand replace them and rename at install time10:50
piggzViGe: so far i tried this
piggzbut the file is never installed, possiblby is used to work, but i found this, and a comment says it no longer works
ViGeHow about not using .extra but .commands for the cp command?10:58
piggzViGe: nope11:04
piggzthere is no .service file created in the src or build dir either11:04
ViGepiggz: Have you added systemd_services to target.depends?11:11
piggzViGe: progress..... had a typo in the target name!11:17
piggzstill not working, but progress11:18
piggzViGe: progress++11:23
piggzViGe: got it!11:30
piggzfile movend and contents changed11:30
piggz    systemd_services.commands =  cp $$PWD/ $$OUT_PWD/harbour-amazfish.service; sed -i \'s PREFIX $$PREFIX g\' $$OUT_PWD/harbour-amazfish.service11:30
malpiggz: just a hint, you don't need the cp part if you use the template file in the sed command and pipe the sed output to the new file11:32
malpiggz: so systemd_services.commands = sed \'s PREFIX $$PREFIX g\' $$PWD/ > $$OUT_PWD/harbour-amazfish.service11:33
piggzout of interest, why does sailfish use a different DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS than the other distros ive seen, which all seem to use the same11:34
piggzmal: thx!11:35
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