Monday, 2021-02-15

Oksanamal: Fxtec Pro1 running Sailfish OS 3.3 (because upgrading to Sailfish OS 3.4 would require installing whole OS from scratch, which is way too troublesome - and I don't like idea of encrypted device/filesystem anyway).02:13
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malOksana: why would upgrading require reinstalling the whole OS?08:49
BlumenkraftMaybe a misconception about not being able to upgrade free version?08:53
rinigusmal: I think Pro 1 has switched to LVM with 3.4 SFOS release. hence the requirement to reinstall it all. (hopefully, I remember it correctly)09:30
malrinigus: ok, that would explain it09:35
abransonrubdos[ma]: despite all of the different possibilities in those privilege files, they're mainly just TODOs. Having an entry in there is enough to get that privileged egid.10:34
rubdos[ma]ok :)10:34
rubdos[ma]And there we have the "why" of SailJail, I guess 😊10:34
abransonexactly. they're now TONOTDOs :)10:34
rubdos[ma]haha nice :)10:35
piggzrinigus: mal: yes, thats correct, 3.4 was a reinstall10:42
malit should be quite possiblle to recover almost everything if manually copying home content10:47

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