Wednesday, 2021-02-17

OksanaManually copying to where?.. If I remember correctly, Sailfish OS on Fxtec Pro1 has a problem with seeing a memory card and distinguishing it from built-in partitions - I already destroyed, once before, one of system partitions because of not being able to tell the difference. Ended up having to rescue filesystem and reinstall Sailfish OS 3.3 from scratch - it was a pain. And I don't want to go through it again.02:13
OksanaAs in, I don't know where my call-history, and SMS-history, went - and I am not sure whether I managed to recover Notes. And I had to set up email from scratch. And so on...02:14
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bionade24Oksana: Make a backup with restic and reflash09:03
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Vitio[m]Whoever designed the new sailfish os explanation page really did a good job, it makes me want to install. Installation instructions state I shouldn't upgrade my Android device to version 10, but I've already done that a year ago, will that pose a problem?12:07
malwhich device?12:15
Vitio[m]Thats the I4213 says my phone. I think thats Xperia 10 plus dual sim12:15
malVitio[m]: where was the note about android 10 not being ok?12:29
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dc1rjjis there a x86 version of sailfishos to test on a pc (or vm)?12:30
malthere is the emulator image included sailfish os sdk12:32
dc1rjja bootable iso?12:33
malwell it's a virtualbox image which used from sdk12:34
dc1rjjok, vm only, not for a pc installation...12:35
malVitio[m]: you should downgrade the device to android 9 using the sony emma tool before installing sailfish os12:37
Vitio[m]ok thank you12:37
noobhello big fan12:44
noobof sailfish os12:44
noobjust wanted to point out12:44
noobusing this article from 2017 as evidence of using a new browser makes the browser look old12:44
Teguhmm, what do you mean?12:48
noobi mean we are 2021 and this article is form 201712:49
noobso if it might make some people think we are using a browser from 201712:49
Teguah yea, you mean the sailfish browser version. Yes, it *is* old :)12:51
Tegu "Browser: engine upgraded to Gecko ESR60"   which was released in 2018
Teguhmm, what was it before that..12:53
Teguit was 52 which was released in 2017
Tegu"Browser Engine upgraded to Gecko ESR52."
bionade24What's the best way for an pyotherside app to store data?15:14
olIs there anybody responsible for site? A bug on this site prevents me from logging in to it with my Jolla username ("ol"). It does not allow me to log in and requires me to select different, longer username. But I don't want to use longer username, I'm known as "ol" in Sailfish OS community.17:10
bionade24ol: Probably a discourse software issue, not a problem with their LDAP. Try "call_me_ol" or "ol_____"17:37
olbionade24 (IRC): I stated above that I don't want to change my username just to work around a bug. If I were not reluctant to change my username, I would not bother writing about this bug.17:39
bionade24ol: That's not a bug it's problem for HashMap implementations, so it's ON PURPOSE that the Discourse Software requires usernames to have a minimum length.17:41
olAnd I think that fixing this bug would be quite trivial: just changing some configuration parameter. I doubt that this arbitrary restriction is somehow rooted deeply in algorithms used for storing usernames.17:41
olbionade24 (IRC): I don't get it. What a flawed implementation it can be that it depends on a length of username (not password) and works with 3 characters, but not 2?17:42
bionade24ol: The shorter the data is that you hash, the more likely you risk collision. That's how it works. Work around it.17:45
bionade24ol: That's Math. A longer minimum username isn't necessary, but it's bad for security to allow such a short username like ol .17:46
olAs a side note, using usernames in XXI century is so outdated. There should be internal used ID that is not shown to anybody. There should be multiple ways to identify yourself to log in to this ID (including external auth providers). And there should be externally-visible full name that is not required to be unique.17:47
bionade24ol: The username can be an attribute, but there is lots of legacy software out there where usernames are the key. So short usernames are generally considered a bad thing.17:48
olbionade24 (IRC): I've already worked around that by using a long non-predictable password that is not used anywhere else. If you want to prevent collisions, use random salt. Using externally accessible info (like username) as salt is not a good idea anyway.17:48
olThe only reason to not allow short usernames for systems that still require them is to slightly reduce cybersquatting. But it's not the case here: I already have a Jolla account, I just want to use it to log in to Jolla Forum. Not allowing to use the same account for all services is definitely a bug.17:51
olThere is no addinional security in requiring longer usernames: they are known to outsider.17:52
bionade24ol: I said it's a collision problem in some softwares so it's considered bad to use it rather than hoping all SW doesn't use usernames as keys.17:55
olI still don't understand what collisions you're talking about. Why at all use username instead of random salt? Why use weak hash algorithm at all?17:57
olCan somebody from Jolla take a look at this problem?17:59
pketool: I'll take a look18:32
olpketo (IRC): Thanks a lot!18:33
pketofixed :)18:34
olpketo (IRC): It works! Thanks a lot!18:35
olJust a little suggestion. I think, it would be more user-friendly and less confusing to just log user in with Jolla credentials, not show "Create account" popup on first login.18:37
pketomaybe, though some people want to use different "identity", email address, and whatnot, on the forum. so that is why it ask it on first login18:43
bionade24How do I find out the type ID of a QML type? Need that for the Nemo.configuration API18:44

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