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vtyhtyIs it still unsupported to install from android 10?02:24
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dcalisteHello chriadam, I hope you're fine.07:47
chriadamhi dcaliste, I'm well thanks.  How are you?07:47
dcalisteI'm fine also, thanks.07:51
chriadamthat's good07:51
chriadamI haven't managed to progress your caldav PR yet - I have been busy with planning activities and also the QMF stuff unfortunately07:51
chriadamlet me quickly check if flypig had any comments there, sec07:52
dcalisteNo problem.07:52
chriadammerged, will tag once my smoke-test build succeeds07:54
dcalisteGreat thank you. There is this one https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/buteo-sync-plugin-caldav/merge_requests/77 about trying to solve the problem of calendar color overriding.07:55
dcalisteWe discussed it three weeks ago I think.07:55
dcalisteIt's the implementation from our discussion.07:56
chriadamthanks very much.  I've just created bug for that one.  I haven't yet fixed it on google-calendars or exchange side, but will hopefully get a chance to do that early next week07:58
dcalisteOk, thanks also.08:00
dcalisteI've seen you created a QmfList to ease the transition in QMF. That's a very good approach in my opinion.08:00
dcalisteI'll give a closer look later today or tomorrow and add +1 there.08:01
chriadamthanks, no rush on that one.  there's still a unit test failure due to something within messageserver5 not working properly08:01
chriadamI have been bashing my head against the wall for a couple of days and made no progress unfortunately08:02
dcalisteAh, too bad. Which one is it, I may help if I can ?08:02
chriadamthe original failure is in tst_QMailStorageAction::test_storageaction_add, but then a later test depends on the result and causes a crash in messageserver5 (well, Q_ASSERT)08:04
chriadamcan see it by doing:08:04
chriadam./target_wrapper.sh build/tst_qmailstorageaction test_storageaction_add test_storageaction_movetostandardfolder test_storageaction_restoretopreviousfolder08:04
chriadamafter running in a separate terminal:08:05
chriadamgdb --ex=run --args ~/messagingframework/src/tools/messageserver/build/messageserver508:05
chriadammy current understanding is that void ServiceHandler::addMessages(quint64 action, const QMailMessageMetaDataList &messages) is failing to add the messages for some reason08:06
chriadamI got that far yesterday before giving up for the day haha.08:06
chriadambut, fwiw, the tst_qmailstorageaction unit test is disabled in Qt CI08:06
chriadamso it doesn't block integration.  might be better to get the current changes integrated first before tackling that one further... not sure.08:07
dcalisteIn my opinion, we should have all the transition commit integrated first as soon as possible, so feature patchs like for SMTP... can go in one by one after that. Any way, for real production purposes, we will have to create a giant revert patch for Qt5.6...08:08
dcalisteThank you for the bug description. I'll try to find time to look at it also in the coming days.08:09
dcalisteHopefully with two pairs of eyes we will find the reason for it.08:10
chriadamthat'd be excellent - thank you very much08:10
chriadamwere there other PRs which need attention from our side?  fyi flypig is on vacation this week, so if there's something he was following up on, I guess it will be next week08:11
dcalisteSure, I wish him great vacation. There is this MR : https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/buteo-syncfw/merge_requests/59 about syncing profile enbale bit with account one.08:12
chriadamah that's right08:12
chriadamyeah, I mean, I agree with the MR.  but I don't trust my eyes alone to review it.  I need to poke flypig early next week, and maybe pvuorela or blam will have some time to check also08:15
chriadampoked people via a comment on the MR, and will follow up myself early next week08:16
chriadamthanks again and sorry for my slowness on that one08:16
dcalisteNo problem, as I explained to flypig two weeks ago, this is a log shot MR, when we will have logging UI possibilities, to see log appearing for disabled accounts.08:18
dcalisteI've seen also that pvuorela is not opposed to the disabling-alarm for calendar MR. I'm going to work on the UI part so and see if it can be done in a pleasant way.08:19
chriadamlet me check that one, I didn't see08:19
dcaliste^ I mean for a buteo MR *not* to see log for diasbaled accounts.08:20
dcalisteAbout the alarm-disabled MR in mKCal : https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/mkcal/merge_requests/5408:20
chriadamchecking that one now.  unrelated: is this one still valid / should I poke MartinS to review this one: https://bitbucket.org/jolla/ui-jolla-calendar/pull-requests/26408:20
chriadamah, that mkcal one I remember now.  I will try to keep in the loop, but I think pvuorela is the best person to handle that one anyway08:22
dcalisteYep, about jolla-calendar#264 there is no consensus yet, mostly due to how this can be translated in various languages where time, figure and text may not be as simply layout as in English or French (in my case).08:24
chriadamah, I see08:24
chriadamwould it be helpful for me to poke MartinS again and find out whether he had any thoughts, anyway?08:24
dcalisteWell, I still find 10:00-23:59 quite ugly, but I don't want to create translating issues with other languages for something that is just cosmetic.08:25
chriadamtrue, fair point.08:28
dcalisteAnyway, thank you chriadam for your help. I'm going to work on the U part of the silence-alarm patch for calendars and try to find time to help you on the QMF bug you found.08:30
chriadamsounds great - thanks again for your effort and time and willingness to help08:30
chriadamI hope you have a great week!08:31
dcalisteThanks you too.08:31
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fridlWhen debugging my app in SailfishSDK and only changing Python and QML-Files, is it then necessary to recompile, or is there a faster way to only exchange those files in the emulator/debug device without "compiling"?14:49
Nico[m]Well, if you only change qml, qmllivebench works well14:50
malI often test qml changes by editing the files directly on device14:54
Nico[m]But for that you need to restart the app ;p14:55
malyes :)14:58
Nico[m]livebench allows you to edit stuff live and see changes immediately, which is nice :314:59
fridlOk, so i think mal's way could work for me. I'll check it out. The QML Live Bench probably does not run my python code and I want to check the interaction.15:05
fridlThis "only copy, don't compile" could be a nice feature for the SailfishSDK then ;-P15:05
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