Wednesday, 2021-03-10

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pai'm still looking for a way to debrick my bricked jolla1 with last OTA.. suggestions? some recommend qcfire, but the way one has to buy it seems very shady to me, and i'm not even sure that would work13:56
malpa: how does the device behave now? does anything work, does recovery work?14:03
pamal: recovery works but asks for device pin, which i don't remember14:07
pai contacted support, the answer was funny (sort of)14:08
paapparently there was the possibility to use a "master key", but the subcontractor providing that service bankrupted, so no more master key14:09
maloh :(14:09
malwhich pin number is that?14:10
pasome device lock code14:12
pa!= screenlock14:12
maldoes it ask that always when you try to go to recovery, or when trying to do some specific thing there?14:18
pamal, just when i try to reflash from recovery, reset to factory default, and some other thing iirc14:20
paor, not sure about the reflash14:20
pais there a way to reflash without selecting anything from recovery?14:21
malnot sure14:21
ggabrieljust got reminded about my bricked tablet, but it's still in dnx mode and all commands fail, maybe I should just accept that it isn't coming back15:00
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remote_miniHi, Two questions about Sailfish X on Sony Xperia 10 plus dual : is any chance to correct setup Google play services or MicroG (nothing not working from older forum topics) and I've a problev with GPS tracker(for example GPSInfo can see many sattelites but no one work)23:10
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Nico[m]There are ways to setup microG, yes23:33
RomanMozI tried to install from F-droid, but cannot to sign in google account and signature spoofing not allowed23:39
ol<remote_mini "Hi, Two questions about Sailfish"> I've installed Google Play Services on Sailfish 4 on Sony Xperia 10 Plus Dual Sim using these instructions:
olEverything works fine except Google Play Store: downloads hang and never complete. I've worked around this problem by using Aurora Store installed from F-Droid.23:44
RomanMozThanks a lot, play store I don't need23:45

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