Thursday, 2021-03-18

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nephros_didn't that double app name location cause some kind of migration wayyy back in the days of the Jolla1, SFOS 1.x at some point? I vaguely remember something to that effect.06:55
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kirvesAxeDoes anyone here know how to reset Gallery's database?19:55
attahkirvesAxe: last option in the utilities?20:01
attahi.e. resetting tracker database20:02
kirvesAxeattah...where is that? :)20:27
attahsailfish utilities, from the store, adds an entry to settings20:27
kirvesAxeooh :)20:31
kirvesAxenot found, maybe it's not available for community edition..?20:36
attahwell, is the store available? I assume it is?20:37
attahright, it's not listed under apps from Jolla, despite being one20:38
kirvesAxe4 search results for "utilities", of wwhich none look like right20:38
attahshould be number 4 on "most popular"... or i guess number 2 without android support and/or license for it20:39
attahbut i guess(!) a simple "tracker reset" in the terminal would do it20:41
kirvesAxeI guess this is what helps :)21:00
kirvesAxeattah, thanks to you I found the proper keywords for the search :)21:00

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