Friday, 2021-03-26

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Nathan[m]3<flypig "My understanding is that previou"> Speaking of, which database does Aliendalvik now look for contacts in? Same as Sailfish, or a copy saved elsewhere?09:45
flypigHmm. I don't know the answer to that offhand I'm afraid. I'd have to check if nobody else round here can give an answer right now.09:46
flypigkernling, do you know the answer to this^^?09:49
ggabrielNathan[m]3: I _think_ it's the same one for sfos, provided that you grant it access10:42
Nathan[m]3Thanks for your answers! Hmm, I was thinking I might be able to work around the problem that you can't pick specific contacts to share with Android applications by messing around with the database access permissions a bit, but if it uses the same database that's obviously not going to work.10:48
ggabrielerm... no, not that simple I'm afraid10:48
ggabrielI would certainly like something along those lines, too, but it would be too complex to implement10:49
ggabrielI haven't, however, tested what alien dalvik is like with a different non-admin user10:49
ggabrielI'm not sure the split is done yet10:49
ggabrieltbh, after first reading whatsapp's T&C's back with the N9 app, I wouldn't even want to share contacts individually, I just have a separate phone with an empty phonebook and only add a number and a letter because they want all your phonebook10:51
ggabrielbut that's just me being paranoid ;)10:51
useretailhow in current version of sfos import ics file to calendar?12:31
flypigWhere does the ics file start (email, on the filing system, online, etc.)?12:52
flypigIf it's on the filesystem, for example, you should be able to select it using the file manager (Settings > Storage > User data > File manager)12:53
flypigIf it's in an email, selecting it should be enough.12:53
useretailflypig, i have it on my filesystem. how to import it from cli?13:02
flypigDo you explicitly not want to use the file manager? (e.g. are you trying to script it?)13:03
useretailyes, i don't want to use it and yes, i want to script it13:03
flypigYou can call "xdg-open file.ics" but this will open the calendar, so may not work for scripts.13:04
flypigWhen I say "open the calendar" I mean open the Calender app.13:04
useretailis there some dbus method that works?13:04
flypigYes, but it'll probably do the same thing and need user interaction.13:05
flypigOne second, I'll see if I can find it.13:05
useretailxdg-open fails with Could not import calendar file: file:///tmp/file.ics13:09
flypigThere are two methods you could use.13:09
flypigdbus-send --session --print-reply --dest=com.jolla.calendar.ui /com/jolla/calendar/ui com.jolla.calendar.ui.importFile string:"path/file.ics"13:10
flypigAnd there's also com.joll.calendar.ui.importIcsData if you want to send the ics as a string.13:10
useretailthe above mentioned dbus method doesn't work as well13:10
useretailfails with the same message13:11
useretailwill try importIcsData13:11
flypigIt's probably because each sandbox has its own /tmp13:11
flypigI'd suggest try moving the calendar to ~/Documents and see if it works from there.13:11
useretailbut it's a file uri that's supposed to work13:12
flypigI'm not sure I understand, sorry.13:12
useretailthe app has access to filesystem13:12
flypigThe app is sandboxed though, so it won't necessarily have access to all parts of the filesystem.13:13
flypigDepending on which version of SFOS you're using of course.13:13
useretailis there current documentation that describes com.jolla.calendar.ui methods?13:13
useretaili'm on Koli:
flypigThere may be documentation, but I'm not aware of any. You can use dbus introspection, or check the /usr/share/jolla-calendar/DbusInvoker.qml file.13:15
useretaili'll check it, thanks13:15
flypigOkay; great :) I hope you can get it doing what you want.13:16
thigg[m]is there documentation how i can build qtmultimedia for my phone?13:57
thigg[m]i am trying to do a modification (insert scaletempo into the pipeline) and would like to test it13:58
ggabrielthigg[m]: not that I know of, but it's basically entering the right target in the sdk (MerSDK VM), install depenndencies, build+package, often you must make your own little rpm packager project13:58
flypigthigg[m], a good place to look would be the current sfos qtmultimedia repository:
thigg[m]@ggabriel that doesnt sound fun...14:05
thigg[m]yeah, I got that already. and also did the modifications already. but i would like to test them now...14:05
flypigIf you're inside the root and you've made changed on top of the mer-5.6 branch, you should just be able to run "sfdk build" to build it.14:08
thigg[m]i figure i can import the .pro file into sailfish sdk...14:08
thigg[m]ah k14:08
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ggabrielthigg[m]: well, it is fun tbh, you just need some time; once you have the workflow working, it's actually pretty quick14:10
thigg[m]argh.. @ggabriel :) hope that ;)14:14
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