Sunday, 2021-04-04

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nephrosCan I "dconf reset" (delete) a property from a ConfigurationGroup somehow, so the key is removed completely from dconf? I know I can clear() the whole group, but I want to just delete a specific value.11:41
TominI think unset() does that. It's not totally clear reading the source (and mgconfitem.h) and dconf documentation but I think that's what dconf_client_write_fast() would usually do12:45
nephrosTomin: will try that, thanks!12:58
nephrosbut I guess /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Nemo/Configuration/plugins.qmltypes not having "unset" anywhere I can't actually call that.12:59
Tominah, yes. I was looking at the C++ side. Let me check the qml plugin13:00
Tomintry setting it to undefined, that might work13:02
Tominsource is here, if it helps at all. it's mainly just a wrapper around MGConfItem
Tominand if undefined doesn't work perhaps null would. I think it should provide RESET function if undefined doesn't work to allow this kind of use case13:07
Tomin(currently there is no RESET function so setting value to undefined might not do anything apart from printing an error)13:09
nephrosYeah what happens is that with setValue("foo", null) I get a conversion error, and with setValue("foo", typeof("nothing")) it converts "undefined" to a string and sets that ;)13:12
nephrosseems that this is not possible. Thanks anyway.13:13
TominI was thinking confValue.value = undefined13:14
Tominwhere confValue is an id of a ConfigurationValue instance13:14
Tominbut perhaps it doesn't work13:15
TominIf you tried to do it in C++ MDConfGroup's setValue(key, QVariant()) should work I think13:23
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