Monday, 2021-04-19

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mighty17does microtube work for anyone here?09:57
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gmchi folks, i'm struggling a bit with QNetworkReply->ignoreSslErrors() - context: i'm implementing a 'ignore ssl errors' toggle in the nextcloud tasks app, for people using a self-signed cert.. it works fine, except when that option is enabled and then disabled, it only takes effect after the app is restarted11:51
gmci'm suspecting this is a bug in qt, but was wondering if anyone has any experience with this11:51
gmc is my SslErrors handler, connected to the NAM's sslError signal11:52
gmci can see that the handler is called, and that it resets the ignoreSslErrors list as described in the docs for that function..11:53
gmcbut it just keeps on ignoring ssl errors11:53
ggabrielgmc: can you reconnect from within your app?12:49
gmcit is a reconnection.. but i think i've found part of the problem: sslErrors is only emitted *after* the ssl handshake12:51
ggabrielyeah, that's where I was going :)12:51
gmcso if i then connect a second time, the ssl errors are no longer ignored..12:51
ggabrielyou kind of want to tell your app to reconnect when that setting is changed, I think I saw similar things in SFOS accounts tbh12:52
gmchowever, what's odd is that if do ignoreSslErrors(empty_list) right after the request was created (which I think means it has not done the handshake yet), is that it will still not ignore the error upon that first retry12:52
ggabrielI'm certainly not an expert, I only assume that most of this magic happens in openssl and presumably you tell it to ignore or otherwise (nobody else wants to do hard math :) )12:53
gmcs/request/reply/ (i create the reply with `QNetworkReply *reply = HttpClient::networkAccessManager.sendCustomRequest(request, verb.toUtf8(), &(delegate->requestBodyBuffer));`12:53
ggabrielI wouldn't worry about this if I were you :) users with a self signed cert are unlikely to change it; users with a proper cert will appreciate the ssl error12:55
ggabrieland, yeah, I now recall that when mine are not renewed on time (or I make some permission mistake), I have to reboot sfos or restart the appropriate smtp/etc service from systemctl12:56
gmctrue true, but it's the principle :) if i set the 'ignore ssl errors' config to off, it shouldn't ignore ssl errors anymore ;)12:57
ggabrielfair - for that you should listen to events or something so that you force a reconnection then12:57
gmci'll probably end up replacing the NAM or something, or make some dummy request to flush the cache (a reconnect as you suggested)12:57
ggabrielit's kind of cool that the connection sticks for performance reasons but obviously you get this as an unwanted side effect12:58
gmcwell, it's not that the connection is kept alive.. i do see a fresh new sslErrors signal being emitted.. it's just that that is emitted *after* the ssl handshake, so it's too late to stop ignoring errors at that point apparently..13:00
gmcor something.. i'm not exactly sure at this point :)13:01
ggabrieloh, that's interesting, no idea either :) maybe a feature request for qt then ;)13:03
gmcwell, that won't do us much good, we're still on 5.6 and will be for a while, right?13:09
ggabrielgmc: think of gmc of the future ;)13:09
mpolHi, I am trying to install an apk manually from file browser, but for some reason I don't see an "Install" option anywhere anymore. This is an XA2 with This is with the app File Browser and also from Settings > Storage. Am I confused or blind, or what is happening?13:35
Nico[m]Did you try opening it?13:35
mpolyes, it displays the files in the zip13:36
Nico[m]You did install the android support, right?13:37
mpolyes, I even rebooted and tried. Stopped and start android support. Whatsapp is running currently13:38
mpolI am utterly confused13:38
mpolI could remove and install android support, that might help13:41
mpolnope, no change either.13:49
MalinuxSo, I can't recive, but send sms the last days. I've tried to turn phone off and then on again. Also stopped and started the ofono.service. Still the same19:09
Malinuxcan't recieve calls either19:11
Malinuxso I just tried to turn off and on again. and then I restarted ofono. Now I can recive calls, but still I can't recive sms19:15
attahMalinux: to rule out operator-side issues, try to keep the phone on 3G for a while19:23
MalinuxI picked prefer 3G and now I have 2G. Think 3G is discontinued in my country19:27
Malinuxunable to recove sms though19:27
Malinuxmight be an issue with my operator per say. gf just sendt an sms at I don't even recive it on my second phone, who have a twin sim19:28
attahsounds somewhat likely then19:29
attahbut being that "global", one would have thought they had found it19:29
attahBut if you really wan to dig deep:
Malinuxaccording to their homepage, they don't have any sms issues atm19:32
MalinuxDo I install that tool on the phone? I mean, that  makse the most sense to me, but I ask in case I missed something19:35
attahIt is one part proxy on the phone, one part launcher on the computer19:36
attah(that invokes Wireshark)19:36
attahthe proxy thingy seems to be called adb_bridge19:40
attahi seem to have been nice and added help text about the --tcp flag  (:19:42
Malinuxyeah. I haven't used wireshark enough to make any useful use of it, so I don't think I want to dig that deep atm19:52
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