Sunday, 2021-04-25

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mighty17umm sfos doesnt have java/jdk??07:30
mighty17<mighty17 "umm sfos doesnt have java/jdk??"> And I have no idea how to compile that xD07:52
attahmighty17: looking at the logs to see why you'd want java, i found that you answered about unixbench08:15
attahI guess there are 2 problems to packaging it, i don't know how, and to publish it i expect myself to know anything about how to use it, which i also don't know08:16
attahBut it was literally just to run make08:17
attah(obviously after installing gcc and make, but seems it had no odd dependencies)08:17
mighty17attah: sorry i forgot this is an irc channel so no chat history 😅, but yeah unixbench worked without issues, for now im trying to get a game ( on sfos which is on my tablet08:40
mighty17yeah unixbench was just running make :)08:40
attahHmm, java on 32 bit arm seems not entirely easily accessible08:51
attahBut maybe just as well, it is a terrible language (:08:52
mighty17lol well i dont think its worth the tons of effort anyways :P08:56
AL13N_lappyis something like Websocket allowed?09:06
attahAL13N_lappy: seems qtwebsockets is allowed...09:12
AL13N_lappyattah: nice09:13
AL13N_lappyi'm doing some remote pulseaudio stuff, and websocket would be nice, cause then i can reflect changes from other sources09:13
attahthe QML API looks very easy... and i assume the C++ one is allowed too09:14
attahHmm, then maybe you want something more low level...09:14
AL13N_lappydo you guys have any experience with qml to web stuff, like the pureqml or qmlweb projects?09:14
attahand from what i can tell libcurl doesn't have it09:14
AL13N_lappyattah: i think this is ok, i'll have an eventloop on the other side, so i can just send a message with the change09:15
attahfair enough09:15
AL13N_lappyattah: i'm trying to make it so i can use qml over html5 (and possibly android), so i'm looking into qmlweb and pureqml , but it seems it's not quite the same, i'll have to have a different code base :-(09:16
attahi have no experience with those... i even instinctively thought pureqml was simply "pure qml"09:17
AL13N_lappyunfortunately, the android pureqml thing seems to fail for me...09:18
AL13N_lappyattah: it's qml-like, it even requires ; at the end of each line09:18
AL13N_lappythe qmlweb seems more qml, but it's kinda dead-ish09:18
AL13N_lappyand the pureqml has like a thing to make an android version of it09:19
AL13N_lappywhich could be interesting09:19
AL13N_lappyeven though i don't like all the java crap; there are unfortunaly people who don't have sailfishos on their phones/tablets09:19
attahDidn't someone do a cross-distro qml adatptation thingy09:20
AL13N_lappyoh, sounds interesting?09:20
attahmaybe you could borrow some ideas from there even if it was "only" sfos/ubports i think09:20
Nico[m]Yeah, universal components or so09:20
AL13N_lappymaybe, do you have a link or a search term for it?09:20
AL13N_lappyah, literally that :-)09:21
Nico[m]Not sure if there is a more recent one09:21
AL13N_lappyi did try the pureqml thing with some sample app and even though i've been making html5 stuff since a long time, QML is a blessing for layouts and not having to take into account various browsers and CSS hacks09:22

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