Wednesday, 2021-05-12

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Mister_Magisterits theeeeereeee11:23
Mister_Magistermy patch11:23
Mister_Magisterso happy11:23
Mister_Magisteri want to see it in action11:33
Mister_Magisterwon't get 4.1 any time soon12:00
Nico[m]"Tens of packages were upgraded" lol14:16
Nico[m]So the gecko 68 update didn't happen?14:39
attahNico[m]: 68? 78 seems to be in the pipe for next update14:49
Nico[m]I thought I saw 68 as a git branch once, so I thought it would be in this release14:54
Nico[m]But I don't mind getting 78 next release instead :D14:54
attahSomeone spotted 78 pretty early on... so maybe it was that14:54
attahMy thoughts exactly14:55
attahSeems Sony is not providing updates to unlocked phones :(14:57
Nico[m]Yeah, you don't get updates, if you unlock your phone, you need to lock it, then update, then unlock it again14:58
Nico[m]Or manually check for updates, it has been a while since I played around with it14:59
attahhmm... i manually checked, nothing15:00
attahright... locking is a thing15:01
attahbut can i do it without sketchy tools and windows?15:03
Nico[m]Couldn't you just do that in the settings?15:03
attahnot that i can find... but my Android experience is quite limited15:04
Nico[m]Either you could do it in the developer menu in the settings or via fastboot or so15:05
attahany pointers would be greatly appreciated... google is full of crap15:05
Nico[m]You just do the inverse of how you unlocked it15:06
Nico[m]Alternatively, I think Sony has an emma tool, that only runs on windows and can be used for manual flashing of newer android versions15:06
attahi had forgotten how many myths, hacks and woodoo pollute the Android enthusiast space15:17
Nico[m]It is almost as bad as the iOS ecosystem :315:18
Nico[m]Actually, maybe it is actually worse15:18
attahSince they can do more, with less... i'd bet yes15:18
Nico[m]Well, if you develop for iOS, a lot of times you need to call support to figure stuff out, while in your google account settings is just a button to do it on android. Their developer UX is a nightmare :D15:20
attahI don't even want to think about it15:20
Nico[m]I had a lot of fun last week...15:21
Nico[m]You need a whole lot of special identifiers, so that you can share files to your application for example. One of those identifiers was stuck on an expired apple account, because we didn't see, where you can remove it, before it expired, since you need to click a blue dropdown, that doesn't look clickable.15:22
Nico[m]So had to call support, they enabled the account of my boss, then I had to explain over the phone how to delete the id, so that I could add it to the unexpired account15:22
attahwell fudge me... the update text on the notification reacts like a button, but does nothing... only clicking the blank part actually opens the menu15:23
Nico[m]On Android? :D15:23
Nico[m]Android has a lot of issues like that :D15:23
Nico[m]I couldn't figure out the notification settings, because I thought the label wasn't clickable, when it was15:24
Nico[m]took me 10 minutes to figure out15:24
attahif Sailfish stops existing, i'm getting a
Nico[m]I'd probably get an eReader with call support or so :D15:27
Nico[m]I'm not patient enough to deal with Android or iOS15:27
attahNext version of this perhaps
Nico[m]Mhm, looks good15:28
attahNico[m]: flaunting my ignorance here, but are you not on the forum?15:34
Nico[m]I am15:34
Nico[m]Probably a different username15:34
attahprobably, anything you want to share?15:34
Nico[m]Seems like it is still KuroNeko15:34
attahwas going to credit you for the lock thing15:34
attahso i'm just bad at looking... got it :)15:35
Nico[m]No, I have no idea, how you would connect those names :D15:35
vilpanattah: why not ? :)16:52
attahThe phone looks nice... but i don't think the OS is there yet16:53
vilpanI'm not sure it's ready to be a daily driver yet, but I'm pretty sure Purism will get there given their history16:54
eagle98i paid 2 yearas ago16:55
eagle98and still didn't get  my phone16:55
x2swhen should it have been delivered?17:00
vilpanI didn't follow the progress closely, but IMO much of the frustration in cases like that (Jolla, Purism, etc.) comes from the wrong expectations. For example, backing a crowdfunding campaign is not the same as buying. Delays are to be expected.17:01
x2sI've worked in a hardware manufacturing company for a few years. Doing prototypes and small amounts is easy. Scaling up is hard.17:02
x2sAlso embedded linux. I'd like to burn it all down.17:03
x2s(not the Linux part, but the vendors making the bsp)17:03
vilpanI'd say burning down is the easy part, coming up with something better is the hard part. :)17:04
x2sWell, I have something better: Releasing the drivers and modifications in a way that it can go straight into mainline. That would be nice.17:05
eagle98vilpan pinephone17:05
eagle98isn't facing any of purism problems and cheaper with 500USD17:05
eagle98and for Purism no deliveries before next year they say october but i know it will be 202217:05
eagle98so it will be my 3 years annivasary to lose my money17:06
eagle98get a pinephone if you want this kind of phone17:06
x2s.oO( 2021 and 2022 should be erased from history anyways. From 2019 straight to 2022 )17:06
vilpanI've looked at pinephone in the past, I vaguely recall Librem 5 seemed superior to me in some way back then. I'll take another look.17:08
vilpanAnyway, when you back a crowd funding campaign losing your money is always an option. :)17:08
attahThat OTA session was painful... finally booting SFOS on Xperia 10 II17:10
eagle64x2s if pinephone didn't do good even during this times i would have a greed with you17:12
eagle64don't get me wrong i wish purism to succeed i'm just angry with their ways17:13
attahNow i see why there are no installs of my sharing plugin in aarch64 today17:33
attahwarehouse isn't available in aarch64 it seems17:33
Nico[m]Oh :D17:34
Nico[m]I need to buy an X10 II now, I guess17:34
attahwait, derp... Storeman is the thing17:34
Nico[m]For development... not because I want something new to play with ;p17:34
attahand obviously it is available17:34
attahmy bad17:35
attahso the aarch64 app situation is "not great"... SeaPrint is back on the first page again, albeit last17:46
abransonattah: considering the first official 64bit sailfish os was launched as a preview today, it's a bit of a shock how great it is already ;)17:48
attahright.. from that point of view it is pretty awesome indeed17:49
attahi was "being a user"17:49
Nico[m]Why is blue always more expensive?17:50
attahnow let's see if my apps actually work17:50
Nico[m]attah: Are you happy with the 10 II hardware so far?17:51
attahYeah, it's excellent17:51
attahno revolution perhaps, but everything is just better17:52
Nico[m]Hm, I'll buy one then and blame you ;p17:52
attahgo for it17:52
eagle18abranson can i ask for like for the official release17:53
attahRelease notes and such are on the forum, downloadable images are on
attah(and it is still Early Acces, and Free flashable image respectively)17:55
attahNice, all my apps work18:00
attahwell, S''Play video grabbing is borked again, but close enough18:01
abransonlots of the missing apps have source still up on github etc. we need some app adoption going on.18:03
attahAnd here i was looking forward to getting my life back :)18:03
abransonthe really funny thing is a lot of devs just built their apps for aarch64 just because there was a target in the sdk. nowhere to run it. just because :DD18:05
attahi even made a point of being first18:06
attah(to publish in Store)18:06
attahBTW Cargo (Google Docs) needs adopting, and it's even cross platform... wonder if poetaster is hiding here under some other name18:09
attah*Google Drive18:09
attahSo what beast do i poke for fixing: Installation of boost-atomic-1.66.0+git2-1.2.4.jolla.aarch64 failed18:15
attahin the docker build engine18:15
attahAh, and the actual error is: Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: error: db4 error(-30971) from dbenv->open: DB_VERSION_MISMATCH: Database environment version mismatch18:16
attahaaaw, even reinstalling the entire SDK didn't help18:29
attahoh well, ill build with the old toolchain18:41
elros1attah: try sb2 -t target -m sdk-install -R rm -rf /var/lib/rpm/__db.00*. I have to use it on platform sdk after upgrade19:06
attahweirdly the old targets still work19:07
attahfrom where btw? trying from  sfdk engine exec /bin/bash19:08
attahand getting: Invalid target specified19:08
elros1yeah I don't remember exact target name so replace 'target' with your target name19:09
attahoh, i'm a bit tired :)19:11
attahthat seems to have done the trick19:11
Nico[m]Let's see what arrives first, 4.1 stable or my phone .-.19:15
attahMine took several weeks to arrive... thankfully i ordered in November or something19:16
Nico[m]Well, it says 3 days :D19:16
attahBut that's the weekend?19:17
Nico[m]But yeah, probably on Monday :D19:18
Nico[m]Ah, there is a holiday, probably the 17th :D19:18
attahMy manager was quite amused how many had missed that this week was only 3 days19:19
Nico[m]Mhm, I only knew, because my professor told me last week :D19:20
attahAnoyne else on 4.1 on the 10 II? Does sailfish office open odt/docx for you?19:42
attahI did the mistake of not testing before messing with calligra, but after reinstalling, it still doesn't19:43
MalinuxWhen I run a backup I come to the calendar and it takes hours to finish it. I am on, though I've got this for multiple versions now.23:47

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