Friday, 2021-05-14

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spiiroinNico[m]: "after the update my SD card is named differently?" = probably just that mount point naming switched from labels to disk ids05:59
Nico[m]Yep, exactly, was there a reason for that?06:08
Nico[m]You could probably write a shell script to do it08:41
paMirv, are you the maintainer of debian qt5 packages?13:41
attahFeeling a bit stupid here... but if/since the cellular positioning database thingy is off by a kilometer or two, what use does it serve?18:26
malattah: the point of that is to give gps an estimate of the location which usually should make getting gps fix faster18:31
attahI must just have been unlucky and never noticed any speedup... because that is a good use case indeed18:32
malit is also affected by how recent the satellite data is and on devices which have working setup of downloading satellite data from network also enabling mobile data can help18:34
malif it can't download the data from network then it will get it from gps satellites but that is slower18:36
attahIt would be pretty cool to be able to tell the quality of the position, so that apps needing precise position could ignore it when it is way off18:37
attahwait, maybe that is what is happening18:38
attahi should navigate more often18:38
malattah: the estimated accuracy is reported to the location api which apps use18:39
attahyes, i spoke too soon.. hadn't realized that before, only now that i had formed the question i looked closely enough18:40
malmany navigation apps indicate the accuracy with size of the position indicator on the map18:40
malor color in some cases18:40
attahAnd so does OSM scout... i had just zoomed past it initally18:41
malI very rarely use navigation because I don't have a car and map is rarely needed when cycling18:41
malsometimes I use gps for logging the cycling route but not always18:42
attahI got rid of my car a couple of years ago too... half of the trips was basically maintenance and inspections (:18:42
attahAnd agreed, it is pretty rare to need when cycling18:43
malI have never had a car18:43
attahGood choice18:43
malI just haven't seen enough use for it, main thing it would help with is going to summer cottage18:44
malI think closest I get there with public transportation is about 20 km which is not very practical18:45
attahI got one just because that is what people do... didn't think much of it, but turned out that is indeed the case18:45
attahOh, indeed18:46
attahNow with social distancing and stuff, i had reason to re-evaluate that 10Km is a bit much for errands by bike - turns out it really isn't18:46
malwithin 10 km from home I rarely use public transportation, mostly if weather is very bad18:47
attahIn my case work is 4km, but not a direct connection with public transport... so biking is at least twice as fast18:48
attahNot that i have physically been for about 14 months18:48
attahBiking to work is a good sanity check for if you are actually feeling well too... could have been a good feature these days18:51
MalinuxI don't get any gps fix at all. I've got a fix with the new offline mode thing, but it's off by aproximately 5KM, so it's useless for what I intend to use it for :)19:54
maloffline mode is never very accurate because it's based on cell phone tower locations19:57
Malinuxis there other options than to change to ? Like some different vendors if they do excists?20:57
MalinuxI read on the forum, changing to the google address would let me getting a fix from a gps20:57

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