Wednesday, 2021-05-19

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vittviHello there ^_^08:56
vittviis there someone having issues with Rockpool after upgrade to SFOS 4.1 Kvarken?08:57
abransonyeah i have a new version for 4.1.0. will post it soon.09:55
vittviabranson I saw many updates in your github repo10:45
vittvimany thanks to you for all your work10:45
Nico[m]Since there seems to be a drama around freenode atm, will this channel migrate?12:09
x2sI'm wondering the same thing.12:13
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malthere hasn't really been any talk about moving the channel to some other network12:54
malwhere is the latest information about the situation of freenode?12:55
Nico-old-defunctThis is a pretty good summary, that is getting updated:
AJAX555well thats news to me13:02
Nico-old-defunctIt already made the rounds a few days ago, when some of it was leaked13:03
Nico-old-defunctBut it escalated quickly today13:04
malI saw the earlier one13:04
poetastertime to jump to libera or?13:05
Nico-old-defunctOr everyone just joins me on Matrix ;p13:06
poetasterthe matrix clients all suck :< I've just got mirage running which is actually very not suck, but it uses as much cpu as firefox.13:09
poetasteror you have an irc bridge?13:10
Nico-old-defunctWell, I'm developing Nheko and it currently uses 1% of CPU13:11
Nico-old-defunct(And I don't have an IRC client, because imo they all suck, but eh)13:11
poetasteryeah nheko is ok for resource usage.13:11
poetasterirc is an aquired taste, but I'm a person that got there first email in 1988, so I'm a bit, err, old.13:12
poetaster? this one: flatpak install flathub io.github.NhekoReborn.Nheko13:13
Nico-old-defunctI think the reasonable thing would be to move to libera, but I wouldn't mind a move to matrix :313:14
Nico-old-defunctpoetaster: Yes13:14
poetasteradd a means to set room retention rates :)13:15
poetasterwhich server?13:15
Nico-old-defunctI think there is an MSC for it :313:15
poetasteryes, I'm trying to expose things to users. global admin retention doesn't cut it in my context.13:16
Nico-old-defunctI can't really recommend a server, I host 2 on my own and there are a few public ones and of course there is the giant matrix.org13:16
poetasterI meant, your server for sailfish. I have a server.13:16
poetasterof is it on matrix.og?13:17
Nico-old-defunctYou don't need a server to host a room. Rooms are decentralized and you can join them from any server13:17
Nico-old-defunctThat's the big selling point of matrix13:18
poetasterMy servers are not federated.13:18
poetasterMy users are political journalists. federation is a bit dangerous in this case.13:18
Nico-old-defunctI see13:19
Nico-old-defunctWell, a potential sailfish room on matrix should probably be federated13:19
poetasteryou said join me... where?13:19
Nico-old-defunctAh, that was meant as a general join me on Matrix. There is no room for it, but I'm bridged to this room via matrix13:20
Nico-old-defunctOn matrix this is just #freenode_#sailfishos:matrix.org13:20
Nico-old-defunctSorry about the confusion13:21
poetasterat NOD, I have matterbridge running with bridges between xmpp/mattermost and matrix, so I could be agnositic.13:24
poetasterNOD, I'm just overwhelmed with dev work now.13:25
Nico-old-defunctOh, I feel ya :D13:25
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poetasterNOD, btw. I'd recommended nheko on the forum and at work :)13:39
Nico-old-defunctHeh, thanks :313:42
poetasterNOD, nheko feedback, best on github?13:44
Nico-old-defunctyes, or in the room13:44
poetasterI'v joined #sailfishos and -porter on and posted to the forum.14:17
poetasterI know that none of us has time for this but I started a thread:
poetastershit. it's war now. the libera forums and being spammed heavily by freenod bots15:27
poetasterman. I have work to do. man.15:27
x2sfreenode bots?15:35
poetasterthat is to say, bots written on behalf of freenode.15:36
x2sand twitter says: "This account is temporarly restricted." I beg your pardon?15:36
poetasterx2s: twitter where?15:40
x2spoetaster: the libera feed17:52

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