Wednesday, 2021-06-02

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rubdos[ma]abranson/abr could it be that rockpoold needs a change in order to support pin.layout.{headers,paragraphs}?
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abrrubdos[ma]: where would they be used?07:05
rubdos[ma]in a Ruby script that I just wrote :'-)07:06
rubdos[ma]I'm showing the menu of our University's restaurant in them07:06
rubdos[ma]If it's indeed that rockpool should support them separate from libpebble, I'll gladly drop you a PR for that07:07
abrok, i see they're not used in notifications or reminder, so I guess it would just be new api for apps running on the phone side?07:07
rubdos[ma]yes indeed07:08
abrI have a couple of improvements i'm trying to get around to on that. I want to migrate it to use the new WebView control instead of the broken old webkit, and I want to add a picker to upload firmware to the watch, because we can't initialize watches right now07:16
rubdos[ma]I truly don't recall how I ever had my watch initialised07:22
rubdos[ma]Also, I'm not sure how to link to rebble.io07:22
abryeah, that's why i think it would be easier just to be able to choose the firmware with a file picker instead07:25
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kirvesAxemal, pketo any decisions yet on possibly migrating to libera?16:19
malno decisions as far as I know, there was talk about libera vs oftc16:20
Nico-old-defunctSo far I like oftc. It is pretty calm, but also a bit old. Otoh, isn't Sailfish too? :D17:46
attahboo ;)17:53
Nico-old-defunctBoo what? :D17:56
attahFair enough... parts are kinda old17:58
attahBut seems the last years have been picking up a lot of the debt17:58
Nico-old-defunctAre you talking about Sailfish or oftc now?18:01
Nico-old-defunctI can't tell :D18:01
attahsailfish... i live under a rock, remember? I had no idea freednode had split in the past18:02
Nico-old-defunctWell, yeah, oftc has also been modernising18:03
Nico-old-defunctBut you know, it still doesn't feel as hectic as other operating systems18:03
Nico-old-defunctAnd I like that18:03
attahThat's amazing18:03
Nico-old-defunctI mean, smaller parts get redesigned and stuff18:03
attahAnd i don't really see that going away fortunately18:04
Nico-old-defunctBut it's not like the whole OS just changes looks and most gestures still work18:04
Nico-old-defunctYeah :D18:04
attahImo, the reddesign was all for the better18:04
attah...with an odd choice or three, and a bit of polishing left18:04
Nico-old-defunctYeah, most stuff has had at least good intentions18:05
Nico-old-defunctI do sometimes struggle with the new call dialog though. Something about the swipe feedback is not quite right18:05
attahi just give it a good flick, not even really looking18:05
Nico-old-defunctI can't quite put my finger on it though :D18:06
attahfeels quite natural by now18:06
Nico-old-defunctI guess that works18:06
Nico-old-defunctIt just sometimes seems to lag and I think I messed up?18:06
attahnow *that* is an issue in touch-based interfaces18:06
attah(not being able to put your finger on it)18:06
Nico-old-defunctI mean, there is some magic touch stuff out there, where you just swipe in the air, but that seems to be a bit frickly too :318:07
attahwel, i'm mostly not looking (closely), so haven't thought about lag18:07
Nico-old-defunctI often get a call while I have been playing around with the browser or so and then I notice it18:08
attahI don't think we need more ways to interact with the phone really... but i'd also love to be proven wrong in that18:08
Nico-old-defunctSo it could just be the browser taking too much CPU :D18:08
attahit's a bit of a hog... but performance is really nice now18:08
Nico-old-defunctYeah, I think Sailfish has about the right amount of gestures. More complexity would be too complex for me :318:08
Nico-old-defunctI love that I can close most popups now!18:09
attahand ESR-78 for 4.2 by the looks of it18:09
Nico-old-defunctWith those version numbers, it always seems like sailfish is so far behind... But it is "just" a year or one ESR behind or so, I think18:10
Nico-old-defunctThe numbers are just moving too fast :D18:10
attahthat's about right18:10
attahIt will probably still be in support when we get it18:10
Nico-old-defunctExciting times!18:10
Nico-old-defunctBy the speed of it, I think we will actually mostly catch up and then just lag by about half a year, which I would consider totally acceptable18:11
Nico-old-defunctSince releases are only every few months anyway18:11
attahThat's lie some commercial distros even probably18:12
Nico-old-defunctIt's better than debian!18:13
attahI base my OS on non-preferences really18:13
Nico-old-defunctAs long as most websites work, I actually don't care that much about the browser version :318:14
malattah: other than Qt what is old in sfos?18:19
Nico-old-defunctOh, did I hear Qt update? :D18:19
attahmal: that's really the only thing that comes to mind18:20
attahthere used to be loads of optional packages that were ancient, like CUPS, but i must admit i haven't checked18:20
attahCUPS got sorted last i heard18:21
Nico-old-defunctI mean, I have Qt update, everything open source apart from the paid addons, LTE calling and a few harbour APIs on my wishlist.18:21
malattah: I updated cups about a year ago, it was ancient before that18:21
Nico-old-defunctBut I can wait and it is not that pressing :318:21
attahNow we have SeaPrint, so it matters much less :P18:21
Nico-old-defunct(I would be happy to have it though!)18:21
malattah: yeah, not sure if some part of new cups could have made that easier to do18:22
attahnope, definitely not... very happy i decided to stay clear of it18:22
attahso you could say it even helped a bit18:22
Nico-old-defunctWe also got other stuff recently, like renewed OBS support, which is lovely!18:23
attahInteracting with IPP directly is actually easier than the CUPS api imo18:23
attahand they hadn't added AirPrint properly back then even on master18:24
Nico-old-defunctOh, nice, SDK update!18:27
attahNow that GPL3 utilities are sorted too (in a manner), it's really quite nice for general "linuxing"18:27
Nico-old-defunctI've been using Sailfish to remote into servers since I bought it, so it was always okayish at it :D18:28
Nico-old-defunctI don't even know what I am missing in most cases, if I am using an older version of a util ._.18:28
attah... until it just derps18:29
Nico-old-defunctUsually that is when I notice, that I am using busybox :D18:29
attahTrue, that's often worse18:29
attahBut i did have old bash bite me for something a few years back18:30
Nico-old-defunctWait, this is not bash, this is ash!18:30
Nico-old-defunctI used to use zsh on sailfish .-.18:30
attahhow do you know people use zsh, vi, arch? they tell you ;)18:31
Nico-old-defunctHey, in this context it made sense!18:31
attahYeah.. just joking around18:31
Nico-old-defunctAlso, I don't use arch, I use Gentoo...18:31
Nico-old-defunctNow I hope the next Sailfish update fixes my tracker bug :318:33
attahmal: I see i could have phrased things better... my comment should have read "been paying off a lot of debt" What you guys do is basically rocket science, and that's from someone that works in 5G18:56
Nico-old-defunctDoes 5G work in space?19:05
attahProbably quite well19:06
attahHigher frequencies don't like... things19:06
Nico-old-defunctWell, put it on a rocket then and call it rocket science!19:06
Nico-old-defunctOh right, you can't turn the wrong way with 5G, I remember :D19:07
attahIt's not all higher frequencies... but it does help to make use of them19:07
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