Sunday, 2021-06-06

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elros1Mister_Magister:  so looks like nobody really tried announced x-url-handler/ feature. There is bug in libcontentaction so everything but domain is returned:
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Mister_Magisterelros1: i just told you i tried it and it works correctly10:57
Mister_Magisterelros1: thats not bug and it returns domain not "everything but domain"10:57
Mister_Magisterelros1: and feature was tested before release even10:59
elros1I remeber you said that you tried but I am not sure you tired jolla's version of libcontentaction: bug is obvious, you hsould use QString::left instead mid11:03
Mister_Magisterelros1: i asked guy with 4.1 to add x-url-handler instead of x-scheme-handler and it works correctly11:03
Mister_Magisterno i should not use left11:03
Mister_Magisteri should use mid11:03
Mister_Magisterelros1: well thats intriguing11:07
Mister_Magisterelros1: you might be onto something11:08
Mister_Magisterelros1: lets do PR then11:09
Mister_Magisterelros1: want me to build prePR libcontentaction for you so that you can test it?11:12
elros1not sure whether is worth to make PR until they will migrate to github. I can test if you will build it11:12
Mister_Magisterelros1: it might be that we only tested on simple urls without parameters11:12
Mister_Magistermal: could you do me a favor and ping pvuorela?
Mister_Magisterlbt: holy shit11:14
Mister_Magisterafter 6 years obs updated11:14
Mister_Magisterwhat happened11:14
Nico-old-defunctMister_Magister: Did you not keep up with the news around OBS?11:15
Mister_MagisterNico-old-defunct: no11:15
Nico-old-defunctIt will stick around for at least 12 more months and if it is used widely, potentially forever11:15
Mister_MagisterNico-old-defunct: nice11:16
Nico-old-defunctSo lbt is now trying to get people to use it, so that he can prove it is a valuable resource :311:16
Mister_Magistergood guy lbt <311:16
Mister_Magisterbut the login is broken, probably the (however the shared login is called) is not working11:16
Mister_Magisteror do i need to create new acc11:17
Nico-old-defunctI think they are still struggling with db migration stuff11:17
Nico-old-defunctNot sure, if the upgrade is finished yet11:17
Mister_Magisteryeee so elros1 ill ping you later11:17
Mister_Magisterelros1: hold that thought i will build it locally11:20
Mister_Magisterelros1: you need aarch64 or armv7?11:21
Mister_Magisteron it boss11:21
Mister_Magisterhope jolla doesn't dislike me for error in my testing11:22
Nico-old-defunctMister_Magister: I recently broke Matrix messages for every iOS user for a few hours until they found the issue in my PR... :D11:23
Mister_Magistermistakes were made no biggie11:24
Nico-old-defunctYeah :311:24
Nico-old-defunctSometimes such issues make it through, no reason to blame anyone :311:24
Mister_Magisterelros1: thanks for being first person who would want to use it tho11:24
elros1:) yeah I would prefer my way via x-maemo-higlight but my PR was rejected long time ago...11:25
Mister_Magisterelros1: just because of the backwards compatibility required by jolla it works in way so that when you click you will have picker between browser and your app, if they don't click, you will have picker between browser and not your app11:29
Mister_Magisterbut browser will always be there11:29
abrah well done! i had a sneaking suspicion that the domain stuff wasn't working properly, but hadn't had chance to properly look into why. glad you found it.11:29
abrgood timing too. 4.2 hasn't branched yet, so you stand a good chance to get it in so apps can start using it in the next release.11:30
Mister_Magisterabr: yeah!11:30
abrbut it will be branching soon (tm)11:30
Mister_Magisterwe gotta get pvuorela to look at mr11:30
abryeah a ping tomorrow would be best I reckon11:31
Nico-old-defunctabr: Did anyone look into my tracker bug? I found why it fails to index anything on my 64bit devices, but I'm not sure, if it is fixed in 4.2 or not :D11:33
abrHmm I don't think so. There's upgrade work to tracker3 ongoing though, so I guess that will be fixed in that. I don't think it's going to make the next release though, so maybe we should do a quick fix here.11:36
Nico-old-defunctIt should be fairly straightforward to fix, if you know what branch you need to work on :D11:37
Mister_Magisterabr: do you have knowledge of embedlite-components?11:37
Nico-old-defunctAnd a working tracker without fixing my SDcards would be nice :311:37
elros1Mister_Magister: looks like PR fixed issue, thx. I think missing it in testing might be related that sometimes cache in libcontentaction is not refreshed until you restart app, in your case lipstick11:40
Mister_Magisterelros1: or just testing like dumbass11:41
elros1but if you had previously different version of libcontentaction and you did not restart lipstick this might still give you incorrect result11:42
Nico-old-defunctThat's just the issue, if you test your own code. You only test the behaviour you implemented, not the bugs, that there could be :D11:42
Mister_Magisterelros1: possibly11:45
elros1maybe jolla should consider rejecting (in jolla store) apps which create MIME handlers at runtime in ~/.local/share/applications otherwise if more apps will start using x-url-handler that will create big mess11:52
elros1and of course at the same time allow using more than one desktop file in /usr/share/applications/11:53
attah_Wooooo, Android apps stop playing when headphones are unplugged now12:07
attah_Okay, Bluetooth disconnected, but close enough12:07
Mister_Magisterelros1: yeah IF /usr/share/applications work i will stop dropipng stuff to ~/.local12:48
Mister_Magisteri gotta test12:48
Mister_Magisterelros1: but i would need some instructions how does that work lol12:48
Mister_Magisteralso funnily enough, mer obs has now geeko on favicon12:50
elros1clear ~/.local/share/applications/ and that is all, use it same as .local directory, run update-desktop-database as root instead user if you manually play with desktop files12:50
Mister_Magisterelros1: thank12:53
Mister_Magisterwill try12:53
elros1then get mad on devs who overwrites your MIME handlers in .local:)12:53
Mister_Magisterelros1: will do12:53
Mister_Magisteri think i will make conditional like, if ~/local/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache exists i will add my desktop there, otherwise i wont12:54
Mister_Magisterit actually eases uninstlallation and installation process by a long shot12:54
elros1that if condition is very nice12:58
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