Friday, 2021-06-11

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ilpianistahi, is there anyone who could send me the last comment for Papocchio in Jolla Store? I don't have a sailfish phone yet (it's coming...)09:54
Nico-old-defunctThe last comment looks like spam, are you sure? :D09:56
ilpianistaoh no :-D10:14
Nico-old-defunctWell, it does say the app is great :310:16
Nico-old-defunctI think10:16
ilpianistawell, it's! :-p10:20
ilpianistathank you!10:20
Nico-old-defunctNo worries :310:23
piggzlbt: hows that upgrade going?12:16
attahOnce again, beer rescues code. I think i finally sorted converting plaintext to PDF with a knowable number of lines on each page :)17:20
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