Sunday, 2021-06-13

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malsashikknox: hi, I noticed that upstream SDL had a fix that will change the way touch input coordinates are reported in wayland backend which would probably break all current apps, not very nice that such a bug has been in the code for years12:39
malsashikknox: that would make this hack not needed anymore
sashikknoxhm, i'll try build clean SDL2 from master (without sailfishos patches), and test it, thanks for information. Any way, i always can built in SDL2 statically )13:47
malI need to see how to handle that in sfos releases13:49
malsashikknox: this is the change in sdl
sashikknoxnormalized_x, it would like x always between 0.0 and 1.0, i think.13:56
sashikknoxanyway, need build it first, to test on real applications13:56
malsashikknox: yes, the coordinates are supposed to be 0-1 as mentioned here
malsashikknox: if I understand the code of correctly touch input by default generates synthetic mouse events for the first finger14:09
malor is that only if something defines SDL_HINT_TOUCH_MOUSE_EVENTS not sure exactly14:10
sashikknoxmal: looks like you are right, about SDL_HINT_TOUCH_MOUSE_EVENTS17:02
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