Wednesday, 2021-06-23

attahpiggz: is two-sided printing borked for you? i.e. back sides are upside down even for regular two-sided?18:52
piggzattah: send me a doc you;d like to test19:34
attahAny minimum 2 page pdf will do... google gives this
attahput transfer format to pwg-raster19:36
attah(should be default, but nice to rule out the heuristics)19:37
attahand of course remember to change the sides setting to two-sided (:19:39
attahit could also fail completely...19:51
piggzattah: well, printer jumped to life.....19:53
attahbut no output?19:53
piggzattah: nope, its printed ... page 2 is upside down if you flip like a book19:55
piggzbut correct if you flip vertically19:55
attahaka, not what one would want :/19:55
piggzno, probably not19:55
piggzjust say its  afeature, and theyre flipping pages the wrong way19:56
attahI just stumbled across that some printers may request that the client helps them to do the flipping with for the backsides19:56
attahand well, i had missed that part... and it will be a hot mess to implement19:57
piggzattah: what if a different format is used for transfer?19:58
attahindeed, please test urf-raster19:59
attahit is undocumented, so fingers crossed that it does not need this silly special handling19:59
attahit is basically the same as PWG, just a different header20:00
piggzattah: same result20:07
attahfun... wonder how they convey that - because both my nearby duplex-capable printers do urf, and neither does that20:08
piggzattah: does ipptransform help?
attahyes, that probably will do it just fine... but at this point i'm too deep down the rabbot hole to start depending on CUPS20:16
attahi assume it links libcups or whatever it's called20:17
attahno, it has a copy of cups O.o20:17
attahor you mean i could peek at how it knows how to rotate urf? very possible20:19
attahbut it could also use ppd files, because stoneage20:19
piggzattah: it says it only supports ipp everywhere or hp pcl
attahbut it very clearly has urf/airprint stuff too... i guess they just aren't allowed to speak about it20:26
attahand i misread... it does not consult a printer, it just takes it as a parameter20:27
attahso what to do is all commandline anyway20:28
attahpiggz: oh well, i need to sleep... thanks for testing!20:29
attahgood night20:29
piggzattah: gn20:30

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