Tuesday, 2021-07-13

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lbtnice :)05:22
HengYeDev[m]i'm trying to install the 3.3 sdk build engine...its not showing up in qt creator run dialog14:04
HengYeDev[m]it is in the "Kits" section of the tools>options14:04
WikiwideI am tired. Webcat on Sailfish OS 3.3 on Fxtec Pro1 doesn23:22
Wikiwidedoesn't restore last session well - it runs out of RAM, trying to load all tabs at the same time.23:22
WikiwideBrowser works better in that regard, keeping no more than three tabs in memory at the same time, and usually loading only one tab at a time.23:23
WikiwideBut, it can be very irritating to return to a tab and find it loaded out of the memory, and therefore reloading itself upon user's return.23:24
WikiwideIn short: Why are plain text pages so heavy?..23:24
WikiwideAnd what else is occupying RAM in background?23:24

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