Thursday, 2021-07-15

WikiwideOnly Terminal with 'top' open. Memory: 20% free, 40% used, 40% buffer/cache. How do I get more memory available? 'top', when sorted by memory (Shift+M), doesn't display the culprits - there is lipstick as the first line, using 2%, and other use even less, adding up to, say, 10% of memory.03:38
WikiwideWell, htop is more talkative. 3.11G/5.59G used, and the leaders are lipstick (a dozen or more of processes), voicecall-ui (half a dozen), tracker-extract (a dozen or more), and such.04:01
WikiwideGoing into airplane mode immediately reduces memory usage by 0.02GB, going by htop. But even then, 3.05GB is high RAM usage for something where only Terminal with htop are open.04:33
WikiwideIt looks like 17%~20% of memory is used by camera/camerauser - even though camera is not currently open.04:43
WikiwideRebooting the phone of course freed up RAM! +1GB used now, instead of +3GB. /me quietly fumes because it is still far from obvious which process was the culprit/ /me takes a screenshot of htop, but it probably will not help later on - all the processes look the same/05:02
WikiwideIs it safe to run pkcon update on Sailfish OS 3.3 on Fxtec Pro1?07:05
malWikiwide: the size use in buffer/cache not very important, that is quite high usually because it caches things if there is a lot of empty memory available and then frees the caches when needed14:22
tanriolIs there some known problem with updating Sailfish on Xperia X? I've done a full reset on my one, which brought it down to 2.1.something, and it does not find any updates to that. 2.1 isn't the last version supporting Xperia X, is it?19:21
Nico1No, Xperia X is still supported in 4.119:23
tanriolOkay, going to try the manual way...19:29

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